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#961 [url]

Jul 4 15 3:32 PM

Hi, getting ready to board our plane for San Francisco. I do not get it, but we will be landing before we take off. Crazy stuff. Our new friends are seeing us off and I am ready to play some games on my phone, listen to some music and I hope sleep. It will probably be hot when we get to California. OK, we have to board now, time for some tears and hugs. I cannot wait until the end of the month when our friends visit us. Okay, bye.

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#963 [url]

Jul 5 15 7:34 AM

We are back. The kids were late to pick us up. They said they were there earlier but went to get something to eat and to watch some fireworks. Chris was okay, he rented an SUV anyway. We only had nine bags to pick up at baggage pickup. I know that cost a lot. Boy and girl were pretty happy about their gifts. Domi lost her mind over the kimono we found for her. It was red, her favorite color and she says she cannot wait to try it on. Have not seen the kids in a while and they look pretty happy. Domi got a haircut and the boy must think a mustache is a good idea. I do not. We got some sleep and Chris says he is going to Best Buy to pick up a laptop because ten days without a computer is not much fun. Just finished talking to Pointy and she says the house is still in one piece and that she needs a check for college. Chris said he would get on it. School does not start for another two months, but money is money I guess.

Wow, it is already hot here. Chris says he wants to go get the kids and treat us to breakfast before it gets crowded. We are only going to be here for today and tomorrow. Chris says we have an early flight out of San Francisco on Tuesday. I think he is going to Fed Ex most of the baggage home. Oh yeah, Pointy said that like eight big boxes showed up on Friday from Fed Ex and Chris told her to store them in the garage until he gets home. I better call Paula soon. I tried early this morning, but forgot she and Thierry were planning to go Disneyworld for the weekend, they were probably on a ride or something when I called. Chris is tapping his foot which is code for I am hungry and I better quit being a social butterfly. Bye until later.

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#964 [url]

Jul 5 15 12:12 PM

Moose wrote:
Your trip sounds epic. Glad you and Chris enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

Epic is a good word.    I think we might've gotten forty hours sleep the whole time.   As Herself puts it, we spent like Americans.   Saw that over thirty year investment in a start up computer company is paying off nicely.    Kids made out great especially the Pointy-headed One.    She asked for as many Japanese schoolgirl uniforms as I could find and we found a store in Akihibara that supplies all of the uniforms for the high schools in Tokyo.    Anyway, Herself had the sizes and picked out seven sets for Pointy and couple for Herself and Tatiana as she said they were, "So cute!".    Paula said her Tentacle Grape soda showed up along with some other items she had to have.    Oh damn, the game is on.   Time to use this new laptop for all of it's worth.  

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#965 [url]

Jul 5 15 2:09 PM

Ugh! Chris and the kids are noisy enough to wake the dead. Just feeling all jet laggy. I have to divide up all of the gifts and stuff so that the kids can enjoy their loot. Maybe a shower will wake me up. Chris just reminded me that the soccer starts in two hours so I have a good reason to get it going. Wow, they are loud. I think they are trying to make Domi giggle. It is one of the funniest sounds ever. Sounds like that stupid gopher on Caddyshack and with her new braces it is even funnier.

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#967 [url]

Jul 5 15 8:08 PM

Well, that was disappointing. Just realized that all of the alleged arrogance over the food in Japan being better than the food in the good old USA is confirmed. I know that room service food is notoriously bad, but how can you futz up a prime rib? It was like the bottoms of my new Pumas. Luckily, after complaining to the hotel on the quality of the dinners they sent up, we got reimbursed. Ended up taking the kids to a sushi bar where it was nothing special but better than the shoe leather and cold sides we got at the hotel. Gotta say, calling a guy a lackey and a eunuch is surprisingly effective. It didn't hurt when Herself barred her teeth at the poor sap (picture the vampires from the Strain and you get the idea).

Sent the kids home with their swag. I think we got thanked. Still haven't seen their place, so we are going to pull the sneak visit tomorrow morning. Asked to see it, but were disuaded by the ever popular, "Oh, that's okay. You guys must be tired. We will just take the tons of loot you bought for us in Japan and remember us at Christmas." Mind you, I am paraphrasing, but that is what it sounded like. Either one, they are pigs and the place looks like the gatefold of Modern Sewers or, two (and this is more frightening) they are sacrficing small animals to some kind of evil deity. I am going with one, myself.

Herself is busy going through the remaining suitcases to divvy up the rest of the swag between Paula and Twin Magic (Herself has taken to calling them that only because they seem to share the same brain). Seems our girls in St. Thomas are being good. The brother has been sending me daily reports and he says there have been no parties, the house is clean and they are too busy to get into trouble as they have been working a lot of hours at the jewelry store. Maybe Pointy is all grown up now. I was fully expecting some level of debauchery and am pretty happy there has been none to speak of. Herself is now thinking that we should head back to Montreal tomorrow afternoon. I think she misses her little slice of heaven as she calls it. I cannot argue, the biggest downside to all of this traveling is that beds are not made the same. A nice long twelve-hour snooze seems like the plan the moment we get back to Montreal. At least I can catch up on True Detective and John Oliver now.

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#968 [url]

Jul 6 15 8:41 AM

Going home in a few hours! We got up early and went to the kid's place. Nicer than I expected. They have two orange kittens who were in the window when we rung their bell. It was funny because about a minute after we rang the bell we hear, "Oh shit, it's the mom and dad!" I guess both were in the shower or something but it was like another three minutes before they opened the door. Place was not messy but the furniture was a lot nicer than I figured. Chris asked where it came from and after another five minutes of avoiding the question - we had brought donuts and coffee which was more important. The boy finally said that they had borrowed money from Katja and bough some nice stuff. Chris got all stern and asked about the stuff in the storage and the boy said he did not like it. Chris did his usual grumble and then asked Domi to go find a robe because he did not need to see that much of her.

They do have some nice stuff but 60" TV is way too big for their living room. Chris also asked who's new Chevy is parked in their spot and Domi raised her hand. Chris said we have three cars in storage if she needed one. Boy could not talk fast enough. He used some money his granddad had given him years ago for good grades and stuff as a down payment and they are making payments. Chris asked what they owe on the furniture and car and whatever else. Domi and the Boy put thei heads together and said a little under $25K. Chris asked where was their computer and said here is your early birthday presents and he paid off their car and credit cards. He also said he will take care of Pointy. He then got all dad and told them that if you need stuff, call him first. He knows that they do not make a lot of money money or not having any is not good for young couples. He was a bit mad when he asked if they are eating and have stuff like TP and that sort of stuff. I guess they did not have much so Chris told them to get dressed so we could fill up their kitchen before they have to be at work. Spent a few hundred dollars so they do not starve. Did our good deed.

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#969 [url]

Jul 6 15 5:51 PM

Finally home. Not much help from Herself. Soon as I got the door open, she was in bed sleeping. No problem. I will bring up the luggage and mail. Just finished paying bills and unpacking as much as I am allowed. Yimi starting? Mattingdork is an idiot. Wrong thread. Nice enough flight. Started Stephen King's new book and got two thirds of the way through it. Kind of hard to turn pages with a sleeping Brazilian on your right arm. I think she was awake for about ten second of the flight. Had a good laugh, as soon as I got all of the luggage upstairs and sat down to check the mail, Pointy called and let me know that I have eight big boxes at the airport. Told her to call her uncle and I will pay someone to pick them up and put them in the garage. Told her to expect some packages from Fed Ex this week and she giggled. I think she knows what she is getting and cannot wait. Also told her that I will be depositing some $5K in her account later today. She asked why and I told her, "You know why. We will have a talk next weekend about it." She asked if I was mad and I said no, but not happy about the circumstances. I did tell her she didn't do a bad thing, but I do not like the idea of siblings lending money to each other, too many misunderstandings can happen.

Dinner is here. Ordered from the deli downstairs and hope Herself likes a chicken cutlet sandwich and bacon ranch potato salad. Got me the sugar bacon and tomato on rye with red onions and chipotle mayonnaise . Sounds weird but is surprisingly tasty. I saw this item on the room service menu (although, it was supposed to be on sourdough, but they did not have any, so I asked for rye) in Tokyo and had one. Now, I am addicted. I probably should wake her up or she will be up all night and it will take weeks before she gets her internal clock right. Just seeing what is on Canadian TV right now. Found a good episode of Law & Order, so that will do until the game starts.

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#970 [url]

Jul 8 15 10:03 PM

Hi, you guys. Real fun day today. Chris had his motorcycle shipped here while we were in Japan and he thought a road trip to Vermont would be fun. We met his cousin Jeri and her husband just over the border, they also ride, so we had lunch in St. Albans and then rode around checking out the roadside stands and stuff. We ended up at this old restaurant in this crossroads near Burlington and had a great dinner. We closed the restautant and we got into one of those talking things where no one wants to go. They are going to visit us this weekend in Montreal and probably not sleep the whole weekend. It is going to be a busy next week too. Paula and Thierry are heading to St. Thomas and so are we. Even Chris's friends, Chisa and Shota are flying in for ten days, five in St. Thomas and then five more in Montreal. Chris warned the girls to make sure the place is clean and to let us know what we need to pick up in Puerto Rico at the Costco there. The first thing Pointy said is that she wants those footlong hotdogs. The girls have been craving them for a while and the ones they have in St. Thomas do not have the right snap to them.

Wow, I just looked at the clock and it is 2 in the morning. Not even sleepy. I know Chris is not either, he just made himself a sandwich and asked it I wanted one. I guess we will watch some late night tv and pass on golfing tomorrow morning. Oh, that's right, the grocer delivered yesterday, lots of lunch meat. Salami and swiss sounds good right now. Good night again.

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#971 [url]

Jul 8 15 10:28 PM

Oh, I am kind of stupid. I just checked the video and it did not have any sound. Chris checked it out and said it is a legal issue and some people have upoaded the video without getting permision from the record studio or anime company. He said he has one that might work but we will test it

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#972 [url]

Jul 8 15 10:39 PM

Yay, it works. Chris asked if I would want to watch this whole show. I asked him how many episodes and he said 26 so about 13 hours. He also said he would pick and chose the four best and we can watch them so I am not going to sleep until the sun rises. It is weird, he knows the names of all nine of these girls, their hobbies and stuff. A little too much into this stuff. We might as well stay up, our sleep clocks are all messed up and we think day is night and the other way around. He said if I am really good, he will let me sit with him to watch something called Place to Place. Oh boy, lucky me. It could be worse, he could want to watch one of the porn channels we cannot seem to get rid of. Something about we paid for six months of it by mistake and we are stuck with it. Chris says he will have a chat with Bell Canada tomorrow to see if we can get rid of it. It is kind of nasty to be surfing through the channels trying to find the American news and see some pervo stuff. So much for good night, me, Chris and my sandwich are watching Japanese cartoons for the night. How did I get into this stuff?

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#973 [url]

Jul 9 15 6:05 PM

Top of the evening to all of you non-vampires. Herself and I managed to sleep through the day. It helps that neither of us hit the hay until almost nine this morning. Watching anime and then the morning news before the high gave up. I think we are still on Japan time but we have to get our stuff together tomorrow, got company for this weekend and going to spend a week with the girls and friends on the island. Herself is still working her first cup of coffee and wonders if having a waffle at almost ten in the evening is a bad idea. She just woke up an hour ago, while I have been bouncing around here for two hours. It might just make sense to stay awake until tomorrow night so we might get our sleep clocks straightened out.

Fun stuff, Pointy got all worried because she has been calling us every hour and we had locked our phones away in the kitchen. She thought we were dead or hating her for some reason. Girl was almost hysterical when I finally answered her call. She said she was one more call from calling the police to check on us. Something fun about a kid worried about the old folks. The only problem is she got the boy and Paula all worried. Girl can spin a tale of doom and despair if properly motivated. Paula told her she was checking on flights to get up here to make sure we were still kicking. Told Herself and she say Pointy deserves it, she has made us worry a few times and we were supposed to laugh it off. Herself says hi, she is now wondering if a shower would be a good idea. I am telling her that it is a great idea, she can be kind of spooky (the Grudge look is not good) pre-shower. We made a deal, I will make her a banana walnut waffle and she will take a shower. A win-win if you ask me. Let's see about ten minutes to heat the waffle iron and make the batter, plenty of time to get a front row seat for the shower. Life is better than good.

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#974 [url]

Jul 12 15 4:47 PM

Hi you guys! Ever have houseguests who do not know when to leave. That is what we had this weekend. Chris's cousins showed up Friday morning and were supposed to stay Friday and Saturday but leave on Sunday morning, but they did not leave until around five. I kept on nudging Chris to ask them to leave. We kind of thought it would be a lot of talking and having a lazy time, but we ended up walking all over Montreal shopping and eating. I know, stuff I love but I began to hate them because I was so tired and bored. When they left, I asked Chris if we are that boring? He said he hopes not. Friday was okay, we got to talk about stupid stuff Chris and Jeri did as kids and the funny stuff their parents did, but Saturday night was just bad. She started in about her kids and that was okay, but she seemed kind of pissed at her oldest girl. It was kind of uncomfortable. I guess it would have been okay if they had let us go to bed at a decent hour, but it was close to two in the morning before they realized that both Chris and me were falling asleep.

Sunday morning was just as bad. Chris got up early to make breakfast, but Jeri said she wanted to go out to try a place named Barbie's way across the island from us. Traffic in Montreal is never good, but getting across the island is always a bad idea especially on Sunday. We left our place at 8 and did not get to the restaurant until almost 10. Place was packed so we did not eat until almost 11:30. I was ready to eat the table cloth. Jeri then pissed me off by saying the place was disappointing. Chris gave me the do not do it look. When they finally left, Chris said never again. The food was not bad, but filet mignon and eggs did not seem like a great idea when Chris was ready to make bacon and ham waffles with strawberries and caramel bananas. That is what we had for dinner. First time in three days we could relax. Chris paying some bills right now and making sure that the building manager knows we will be away for a week. He also sent in an order to Provigo because we will have guests again a week from Saturday and they will be here for five days and then the Sanadas come in for ten days. At least we know that we will have a better time with these guests. The first guests are Chris's friend from college and his wife and they will be discussing business and stuff while I show Chisa the city and we can do stuff that we like. We are going to do a day trip to New York City for some shopping and stuff. This will be the first time I have been in New York City without Chris but I think I can handle it. Chris is going to hire us a driver so that he does not have to worry.

We have to catch our plane for Miami at 7 and meet with Paula and Thierry so they can go with us to Puerto Rico to pick up supplies. Chris already has a plane to meet us in San Juan so we can bring about a ton of food and stuff to St. Thomas. We are going to have a houseful of people and I hope the weather is nice. Yay, Chris went downstairs and got me some macaroons for snacks while we watch the Strain. The best part of no guests is that I can just throw on a t-shirt and be comfy. Good night everyone.

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#975 [url]

Jul 14 15 9:19 PM

Morning, all of you guys. Having more fun this week than the last weekend. We got here yesterday afternoon and had to rush home to put away all of the stuff we bought in Puerto Rico, then run back to the airport to pick up Chisa and Shota. They are loving it here. We took the boat out for a short sail to Spanish Town and had lunch there and then went to the Baths to play in the ocean. It was a beautiful day today. Tomorrow, we are all going to St. Croix and spend the night there before heading to Jost Van Dyck for a day of shopping and more playing in the ocean. The guys watched the baseball game and I still think it is funny to hear Shota call Chris, Augie-sensai because he is older and I guess that is some kind of respect thing. Me and the girls spent the night sitting on the beach and watching all of the boats coming in late. We also started a fire and made s'mores. Paula looks so much better now. She has gained twelve pounds and she is more relaxed. Her bosses cut her workload and she is less stressed out. She says that in the fall she will teach more classes, which she likes and less of her radiologist stuff. Paula is trying out the Japanese she learned years ago and Chisa is nice to say that she is trying hard. Poor Tatiana and Pointy, they have to work the rest of the week and will miss out on the boat trip.

I was really suprised at how well the house was kept up while we have been gone. Laundry was done, no dust or dirty floors and the bathrooms were clean. They even cleaned up their rooms before all of the guests showed up. Dogs were all fed and clean and we still have the same amount of cats as we left. The only complaint I had was no ice cream in the freezer. Had to run to grocery store to load up because ice cream is a food group. Boy called today and he is all mad because he could not come out here. Job is a job and if they want to get married they better have jobs. Kids and stuff cost money. Well, the boy has that but he still has to beg his dad for it. It is a good system and works for his sisters.

Chris is watching some Blu Ray cartoon called Mad Rock Scramble. It is pretty bloody and lots of sick stuff. Kind of like the cartoon game thing he and Shota were watching this morning. The worst part is it is named after a King Crimson song. I really hate King Crimson. They are so boring but Chris loves them. The game thing was called Starless and it was cartoon porn. This is the kind of stuff Shota's company makes and sells, so I guess there are guys who buy this stuff but ick. They said they were watching for business reasons. Seeing what sells and stuff. That is a pile of poop. I asked Pointy about it and she says it is a fantastic hentai (I hope I spelled it right) but she is a sick monkey too. Then she shows me something called Bible Black, another King Crimson song title, so I know their music is evil. It was even sicker. I had to ask Chisa what she thinks about it and she says as long as it pays for her country club membership and buys her a new car each year she could care less. She said as long as no one asks where the money comes from she does not have to explain anything. I guess that makes sense, Chris made a lot of money keeping scumbags out of jail so it should not matter if no one asks.

Well, I better get some sleep, we are hoping to be on the boat by sunrise so we can get to St. Croix for breakfast. I think the girls are reheating some of the tri tip we had for dinner. Wow, it smells good but I do not need to eat any more today. Ate too much at lunch and for dinner. Need to have salads tomorrow if I plan on wearing that new bathing suit. Picked up this peach colored string thing in Japan and I am going to try it out tomorrow. Oh wait, I have to tell you that Tatiana and Pointy got Chris a new tattoo for his birthday. He is getting me on his left forearm on Friday, it is picture of me that Chris loves. It is me on our honeymoon in a black crochet bikini I wish I still had. It is an easy picture to find, Chris blew it up, framed it and it is on his office wall. I am the first tattoo on his left arm. His other arm is covered in Bettie Page tattoos, so maybe he will get a sleeve of me on his left arm. He offered to buy Shota one, but he says he is too old. Chisa asked me about my tattoos today and she thinks she would like one on her ankle or shoulder. We are a bad influence. She is telling me that only some young people and gangsters wear tattoos in Japan. I told her that all of the kids have tattoos and Pointy showed Chisa her new tattoo on he left rib cage, she has four Pokemon in a heart shape. It is so cool. Even Tatiana got one, Wonder Woman on her shoulder. Pointy bought it for her . Okay, time to go to sleep. Chris is already out and I am going to remind the girls that they have to be at work at ten. Good night everyone.

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#976 [url]

Jul 15 15 9:30 PM

I am making a habit of typing away at 1 in the morning. We had a fun day and some adventure. Paula fell overboard and we had to rescue her. She was filming some dolphins and the wind blew real hard and she lost her balance and fell into the ocean. She lost her new sunglasses and almost lost the bottoms of her swimsuit. She did hold onto her camera but it is ruined. I tried something stupid by trying to climb the mast thing and I almost fell off. It seemed if there was something stupid to do, one of us girls would do it. Chisa had a really hard time keeping her feet on the boat, I think she fell on her butt about ten times. It was kind of windy out and Chris was trying to avoid the reef, so we had to hold on tight for about an hour. Of course, the guys never had a problem. Here we are trying to not fall into the ocean and they are drinking coffee and telling jokes.

We got here around nine in the morning and had breakfast at the hotel we are staying at right now. They have a great taco bar, so we had lunch there, too. The kids are sleeping on the boat because they wanted some time away from us old folks. I think they wanted to try scrabble on the ocean. Been there, done that. Dinner was really good, we had jerked goat. Both Chisa and Shota were worried when we said that was for dinner but they loved it too. I better get to sleep. We are hoping to leave early so we can get to Jost Van Dyck for breakfast and some shopping before heading back. Chris is hoping to get back in time to get his tattoo tomorrow night. That means we will be using the engines. I am okay with that, sailing is fun, but it takes so long to get anywhere.

The best part of the whole day was when a British Coast Guard boat was near us and all three of us girls gave the sailors a nice wave. They seemed to be happy to see us, so it was all good. My new bathing suit got some nice looks, so I must be pretty cute for a 46 year old. Paula said I suck to be able to wear something like that. Even Chisa said it is not fair. There really was not much to the bathing suit. This kind of stuff is nice to hear. I do not really get it, I have no boobs, a bubble butt and zero hips. Not exactly the cover of Cosmo or any other glamour magazine. I do not care, if I can make some sailors act like fools I am happy.

Chris is asking me to stop typing and get to sleep. He does not want to drag me to the boat in the morning like today. Well, good night. He is grumbling that he was hoping for more than five hours sleep tonight. Boo hoo, he can drink coffee if he is sleepy. I am wired and want to be goofy. Guess who will get their way?

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#977 [url]

Jul 16 15 10:23 AM

So much for sailing to the BVI. The A/C and power went out last night at the hotel and it was like a sauna last night. High humidity, some rain and the wind died completely. Everyone came to the conclusion that we needed to get back to A/C Land and right quick. Soon as we got to the windward side of the island, the wind came up and the humidity dropped like a stone, but we went on our way to where the swimming pool looks like it has been cleaned this year and the electricity works. Now, the guests are on the beach watching the fish jump about. Going to set up a barbecue down there and grill up some of the local catch. Just as I was docking the boat, a fishing boat came in with his catch of fish and the odd crustaceans, so I snapped up some of his catch for a fair price. He even cleaned them for me for an extra tenner. Threw in a case of beer for his trouble and he is my new best friend.

The fish will likely be dinner because we had a late breakfast and some of the folks are asking that the jet skis get dragged out of their shed. Geez, I do not know if the batteries still have a charge, they have not been out since last October. Probably dry as a bone too. Oh well, I can put Paula and Thierry on this seeing as how I had to go in yesterday and rescue her when she went over the railing. I figure it is a cheap payment for me jumping into the ocean. Still scared like a little kid is of a clown of the ocean. Didn't help that I could see the bottom (it was only about thirty feet deep where she went over, but I also saw too many fish I could not identify and my mind is telling me they are all sharks and barracudas. Fastest I have ever jumped in and jumped out of the sea. Laugh if you want, but I won't be shark food if I stay out of the ocean.

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#978 [url]

Jul 20 15 2:18 PM

Herself is on cry-mode. Her new best friend and husband were put on the plane to San Francisco and then Tokyo this morning and it was like we were parting her from a kid. She cried the whole way home. As soon as their plane landed in the City, they were texting like high school kids. I could not believe the amount of stuff they brought back with themselves from NYC last night. I had to tie down the luggage on the roof of her Escalade because there was zero room for it in the vehicle with all of the bags, boxes and whatnot. She said they had to give up on a play because they ended up at a Bobby Flay restaurant and forgot the time. At least she bought me something, a NYC FC soccer jersey.

While the wimmenfolk were in NYC, me and Shota went over the business plan for the next few years on his company (maybe I should say ours, I own twenty five percent of the stock) and he ran some ideas past me on PC games. A couple of them sounded like winners including one that was close to a combination Paranormal Activity game at a strip club. I never realized the depths of depravity in his mind. Known him for close to forty years and he had some ideas that caused me to go, "Whoa!" But, that stuff sells big in Japan and, surprisingly in the US and Canada, also. He always sends me a promo copy to test, but I don't think Herself would appreciate me playing those things. He did have me play a game called Starless and that is not a game for anyone under eighteen (or fifty-eight).

Well, time to go get some dinner. Neither of us wants to cook and the game starts in an hour. I am telling myself to watch this game, but something always seems to come up. Gotta say this new tattoo still hurts a bit. First time for that. Mostly, a couple Tylenols and no pain, but this one is still sore. Then again, it is more detailed than any other tattoo I have ever had. The guy is an artist and it shows. Looks like Herself and that is a good thing. Had to get it on my biceps instead of forearm so that might explain some of the pain. Oh well, Herself is wanting a Reuben sandwich from downstairs and I could use a sandwich too.

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#979 [url]

Jul 20 15 9:30 PM

I think we are back to normal time. It is almost time for Late Late Show and we are both wide awake. Chris is in the living room watching Usual Suspects and I just got done talking to Paula, she had to work late preparing a lesson plan for her classes and she said she could not sleep. Thierry is working the ER at the hospital tonight. Paula says that he is on his last two weeks working ER's and then he starts as a resident in cardiology at the U. She is happy, regular hours and they can eat dinner together most every night. She has let us know that lately they have been having a hard time making it work with their hours and stuff, so getting on the same hours should help.

Had so much fun in New York City. Chisa dragged me to two places where we spent way way too much. One place is called Kaori's and the other was Kiki's. I have spent a lot on lingerie but not like this. I think Chisa spent like $10,000 on stuff for her and her daughters and I could not resist, I texted all of the girls and they gave me their sizes and I loaded up on all kind of stuff. Told the girls it will be their Xmas gifts and they cannot wait, especially Domi. She is one for Fruit of Looms and stuff like that because she is really frugal but she is really excited to see what a $500 bra is like. Then we hit shoe stores, a place called Rachel Comey and then we got serious. Chisa saw my leather pants and jackets and had to have some. We found this upscale place in Brooklyn. I had never been to Brooklyn and it was like a different country than Manhattan but Chisa has found this place on Yelp and we had to check it out. Some more money later, we both had a couple pairs of leather pants. She is a size smaller than me and she can rock the leather pants. We got matching jackets and bustiers for the next time me and Chris go to Japan, we are going to a shrine dressed in leather, that should be whole bunches of fun. It is such a huge thrill to make a friend who I think will be mine for life. We just seem to think and like all of the same things. She says I am good for her because I am so comfortable with things she is not and she is good for me because she wants to try all kinds of new things that I might now want to. She says as soon as she lands in Tokyo, we are going to text forever. Chris said we act like high school kids and that we shoud act our age. Crap on that, it is fun to act like kids especially when the lady at one store thought we were twenty somethings. Wanted to kiss her on the lips.

I was in need a new friend anyway. Sandra, my best friend from high school is mad at me for some reason. She says that I  am all about stuff and she is not. I remember when her first husband bought her a Porsche and she bragged for days. Wow, that sounds catty. It is okay, I have a new best friend and she is the best. It is almost 1 o'clock and I am going to see what Chris is watching. Maybe I can talk him into cutting up some fruit for a snack. I feel like apples and bananas right now. Maybe some yogurt too. Time to eat better. Had half a Reuben for dinner with cole slaw and that is not good if I want to keep on putting on leather pants. Did better at lunch, had a fruit salad and green tea. I wish I was like Chris. He likes that stuff that is good for you like oatmeal and kale.

I have to think what I am getting Chris for his birthday. Wow, he is going to be 59. I am trying to get used to the idea that in a year he will be 60. He does not look like any 60 year old I know. My dad looked like an old man when I was a kid and he was all kinds of gross when he was 60 with a turkey neck and all kinds of wrinkles. The only thing Chris has is laugh lines next to his eyes and some gray hair. He is not bald like my dad or even his dad and he does not have gross hair coming out of his ears and stuff. I think I won the lottery with him. Even Chisa says he looks younger than her husband. Shota does look older than Chris, he is kind of bald and has a gray old man's mustache. Chisa is like seven years older than me, but she is young looking too. She says her mom is nearly 80 and when she showed me her picture, she looked like she was 50 or younger. I guess it helps if one of your parents looks young. My mom looked like she was twenty years younger than she was right up until the last year of her life and Chris's dad looked like he was 50 even with his bald head.

Wow, it is almost 1:30 and Chris is watching Archer in the living room and he made me a bowl of bananas and apples. I should probably think about getting some sleep. I am going to the gym tomorrow with Chris. Mr. I weigh 200 lbs. wants to work on his arms and chest. He makes a big deal about having a 31 inch waist. Big deal. My waist is 25 inches. Wow, do I brag much? That was a big yawn. Time for some sleep.

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Jul 23 15 2:36 PM

Hi everyone, good afternoon. Yeah, I am typing away in daylight which is rare for me. We just got back from a motorcycle ride to a place called Saint-Hyacinthe (Chris had to spell it for me, stupid name) and my butt is in some real pain. I think we hit every hole in the road and the couple we did not hit, we came close to. That is what I get for following Chris. No one could speak English in the whole town, except the postman and the only reason I knew he could speak English was because I whined at Chris to ask him where there was some place to sit down and eat. Chris had a good time, he is Mr. Friendly to everyone he saw and he had to stop to talk to half of the town it seemed. It was not all bad, the weather was nice and the food at this diner was really, really good. I guess French people can make hamburgers too. We stopped at a bunch of farmers markets and stuff, lucky we had the side bag things on our bikes so we could take home a bunch of tomatoes, squash, apricots and apples. Chris also found a beekeeper and bought a bunch of fresh honey. I know what that means - CORNBREAD! YAY!

Yesterday, we did the same thing and went to a town where some of the people could speak English. It was called Cowansville. Really nice small town. Kind of like those towns they had in picture books when I was a kid. Mostly just rode there and rode back with only a stop at a McDonalds near the New York border. Chris is thinking about a road trip to a place called Plattsburgh because one of his cousins say there is a place there that makes some great barbecue. Barbecue does sound good. We have not found a good one in Montreal yet. That and Mexican food are hard to come by. I hope the weather holds out. It got cloudy around noon and a few drops came down, but we heard some thunder when we got home. Chris is downstairs wiping the road dust off of the bikes and making sure we did not pick up any rocks or nails. I am hoping I can talk him into dinner at this Chinese restaurant that was on a flyer that was in our mailbox yesterday. The pictures of the food looked good and I am kind of tired of sandwiches and pizza.

Got some big surprises for Chris on Sunday. I want to give out spoilers, but I will not. I better get started on Chris and going to dinner or he will get too comfortable in his chair and I will get another sandwich with their heavenly potato salad or cole slaw. The guy uses homemade mayo and homemade pickles in his potato salad and it is the best. The only problem is that stuff is so fattening and I am eating too good here as it is. This morning, Chris made crepes stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries. I think he wants my butt to get it's own zip code. I have to go to the gym tomorrow for sure. I need to swim a couple miles just to fit into my leathers. I can hear him coming in the door, he is on the phone with someone - please be reservations, please be reservations! I better make sure he does not get comfortable because I want Chinese food tonight. Wish me luck.

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