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#981 [url]

Jul 25 15 11:47 PM

I have not had so much fun being sneaky in my life. Today is Chris's birthday and I had to act like it was no big deal but I have been planning something big since July 4. I set up hotel rooms, plane tickets, rental cars and all kinds of other stuff under Chris's nose. The boy and Domi got here early this morning and they almost messed everything up by showing up at home while Chris was still goofing around here. I sent them to a restaurant for an hour and got rid of Chris. He spent four hours filling my shopping list for stuff I did not need like sheets, towels, and groceries. I am so proud of myself that I got him out of the house. The girls showed up an hour later even though they landed first. They decided to check out some stores on the way here. Paula and Thierry missed their flight, they were supposed to fly on the same plane as Pointy and Tatiana, but they finally got here about two hours ago by way of New York. But, everyone is here and they are at the Hilton waiting for the first thing in the morning surprise for Chris. I am so excited that I got all of this done without letting the cat out of the bag that I cannot sleep.

I just hope that they can be quiet in the morning. Told them to be here at 6 in the morning so we can do the big surprise when Chris wakes up. Had all of the gifts in the storage we have downstairs but made sure the kids took them to the hotel so we did not have to make a ton of noise going back and forth getting them. Thought Chris would never go to sleep tonight, but he crashed at midnight which was lucky because Paula had to call at one to let me know they were here. Told her to text me but that was too hard. Oh great, he is awake now. Probably looking for me. I better button this up and come up with another story about insomnia or something.

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#982 [url]

Jul 26 15 12:03 PM

I love it when a plan works! We surprised the crap out of Chris. He did not wake up until 8 so we had plenty of time to get all of the kids here even the boy and Domi who cannot tell time to save their lives. Paula wanted to make homemade cinnamon rolls but I did not have any yeast so she started a cake from scratch and it looks really good. She has gotten really good at decorating a cake. She made a German chocolate cake from scratch which is something I could never do. It was really funny, Chris comes into to living room and all of the kids are sitting and Paula says, "Oh, it is you." Then they all yell surprise and Chris was really shocked. Then he says, "You f'ers you really got me!" Lots of hugs and kisses.

Then the kids took him to breakfast but he tried to pay. But, Paula paid. Chris asked her if she could afford it and she shows Chris a copy of her new contract. Then, Chris starts to get misty eyed because Paula is getting paid really good money now and so is Thierry. They told me they plan on paying off the house by next April. She also gave Chris a check for all of the money she had borrowed off of him over the years and Chris then tore up the check, calling it his birthday present to her. Both of them were crying like babies. I know he is really proud of her, but we are all proud of her even more. The other kids kind of were like wow, Paula is showing off. Chris tells them that he is proud of all of them and he could not be happier with his new fangled big family. We went back home and we told Chris and Thierry to go find some French sports bar where they could chatter with other guys who speak French for about four or five hours.

The place is being decorated and me and the girls are making dinner - Chris's favorites, homemade macaroni and cheese, a ham covered in pineapples and cherries and I am trying to make cornbread from scratch. We sent the boy out for ice cream and Domi had to tag along. They have been gone for three hours, so I think they went back to the hotel for some afternoon delight as Paula calls it. They also may be looking for another birthday gift for Chris. He said he has been looking for some anime figures for a show he watched in Japan and the boy wanted to see the Anime store here in Montreal, but I think Paula is right. I am so full of coffee, I do not think I will ever sleep again. Did not sleep at all last night because I was wired on the surprise and now I am not even tired. The guys are back and they are babbling about something. They brought back an order of poutine to snack on and a bag of donuts. It must be nice to pig out and not worry about gaining weight. But, we lost Pointy, she loves poutine and the gravy on this one smells so good. Dinner is pretty close to being done and all I am doing is listening to Tatiana and Paula tell dirty jokes. I will have a recap of the gifts and stuff later, but now I want some poutine.

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#983 [url]

Jul 27 15 2:25 PM

Evening, you guys. Slept almost the whole day. Got the boy and Domi to their flight last night and Paula and Thierry left this morning. The girls are still here, but they were not flying home until Wednesday. Today, they and Chris were all over town buying stuff and having chili dogs at Cabane. The birthday party was fun. There was hardly any food left and my cornbread was really good. Chris said that he and the girls finished it off for breakfast covered in syrup. I wish they would have left me some. But they did bring me back a chili dog and poutine because they said they did not feel like waking me up. The cake that Paula made is also gone. I think the girls finished it up last night because they spent the night here and all three of them, Chris and the girls, watched nasty Japanese cartoons until 2 in the morning.

Chris made out really good. Besides the Tag Heuer Monaco watch I bought him, he got the whole collection of Love Live anime figures from the boy and Domi, two Armani suits from Paula and Thierry and the girls got him Chanel watch and some really nice Island shirts. I know the girls got a great deal on the watch from their boss and Thierry knows the owner of a high end mens clothes store in Miami who got him a good deal. One of the suits is gray and the other is like a dark copper color that looks great on him. Chris got some other nice gifts from his cousins. One sent him a case of Vermont maple syrup that already has been gotten in to. His brother said he will take care of him when we go back to St. Thomas in October. I am betting on a long weekend in the Caymans because they have a timeshare there.

I should get cleaned up and dressed. Sitting here in one of Chris's old dress shirts does not count as being dressed and my hair is a mess. Besides, I want to watch "We Bare Bears" today. Yes, I am 46 and I want to watch a cartoon. It is all the girls have been talking about the last couple days. Well, that and Pointy having too much of a good time at a karaoke bar back home where she dropped her pants on stage and had to pay a fine in court. Tatiana said it only took two Jaeger-bombs for Pointy to lose all inhibition. She is getting better, it used to take three. Yeah, I better take a shower, I smell kind of nasty.

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#984 [url]

Jul 29 15 9:56 PM

Hi, you guys. Back to my normal sleep times. I am kind of bummed. Chris took the girls to the airport this morning and now no kids are here. I will see the boy and Domi next month for some birthday stuff but I will not be able to see the girls until October when it is more birthday and anniversary stuff. Chris took me to dinner because I was all pouting. He was more into some baseball stuff all day so I felt kind of left out. He finally asked me what was wrong around 10 and he was all nice to me then.

I see some of you guys are looking at pictures of women wearing nothing again. You guys are all kinds of nasty. I will tell you about nasty. Last night, Pointy wanted chili dogs so Chris made homemade chili and picked up some spicy hot dogs from Provigo. Then it was just really stinky all night long. I fell into a trap. I was not thinking and Pointy asked me to pull her finger. I cannot believe I fell for that. I think if I was still smoking the place would have blown up. I made Pointy and Tatiana sit on the balcony for the rest of the night.

I am going to see what we have in the cookie jar. I know Chris picked up some cookies yesterday but I do not know if he got snickerdoodles or oatmeal cookies at the bakery. I hope both. Last time he got shortbread cookies but they did not last the night. Just for the heck of it, I woke him up to see if it was worth my time to go to the kitchen and get some cookies and milk. Wow, what a potty mouth he has. Even better, he said he got macaroons. I am just going to get the whole jar and go to the gym in the morning.

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#985 [url]

Jul 30 15 9:12 PM

I'm bored,someone do or say something funny! Ran four miles today, had lunch and then swam 50 laps. I am so good. I even ate God for me foods today. We had salads for dinner and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. Got growled at for eating the macaroons last night. Tonight I am snacking on cashews and a pear. Right now I am watching "It Follows" kind of. It is really scary. Chris was watching some cartoon about a land where you cannot tell dirty jokes. It looks better than the one where five guys are stuck in a girls military school.

Waiting for Domi and the boy to call me. They went to the A's game tonight and they were going to call me when they got home, They texted me that they left at 9 so they should be home in 30 minutes unless they stopped at Sonic. Nothing else to talk about. I am going ask Chris if we can go to Quebec City for the weekend. Next weekend we are going to Cali for three days for some party thing.

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Aug 1 15 5:05 AM

Matthew wrote:
golfergirl wrote:
I even ate God for me foods today. 

That can't be good.
Hi, Matthew.   I cannot believe I did that.  So embarrassed.   How are you?    I am doing great, we just landed in Quebec City and Chris is getting the rental car.  It looks like it is trying to rain but it was at home too.   Chris says we have to fly back home  by four, so I have like six hours to shop my butt off.   I know where Chris is going, that combination anime and Japanese food place.   There is a shop here where you can buy evening gowns that are made for you and I am ordering one for each of the girls and myself for Xmas.    Got everyone's measurements and me and Pointy share the same bust size, not there.  My big plan is everyone will be dressed in evening gowns and tuxes for Xmas Eve.  I know it sounds stupid, but I want to take a whole bunch of pictures and send them for the holidays like we dress for Xmas and stuff.  

I see Chris heading here, so he must have gotten our car.   I hope breakfast is in the plans because all I had when we left the house was half a bagel and a cup of bad coffee on the plane.   As Chris says when he is hungry, "Mongo needs pancakes!".    Gotta go, he got us a Escalator, so I can be driven around in style.   

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#988 [url]

Aug 2 15 7:52 AM

Good morning you guys. I am so tired it is not funny. Ran around like a crazy person in Quebec City and got all of the dresses ordered and they are supposed to be ready after the first. I have never felt so sorry for Chris as I did yesterday. When I get to the dressmaker, the one girl who can speak English is out sick, so I had to drag Chris away from his anime store to have him explain what I wanted. He was not happy. He was even less happy when he had to explain why Paula's dress was so much different than the rest, she has the big boobs. Then when the girl told him the price, he was even less happy. I got a nasty look and then Chris swiped the card. Really quiet drive to my next stop, to look at shoes and bags. When he drops me off, he says we will talk. That is never good.

Found some really neat shoes and a Prada bag that was on clearance. Down the street from there was a sports fan place, so I bought Chris a Quebec hockey jersey and they had old jerseys for the Montreal baseball team, wow they are ugly. I bought him one too hoping that would make the talk a little shorter. I decided to walk to the anime store because it was only two blocks away. Chris was still buying stuff, he found some of those comic book things and he bought me a hoodie with a Pokemon on it that was so cute. He was not as mad, but on the way to the mall, he let me know that spending that kind of money on something that we will only wear once is not a good idea and he wished I would not do that again. I almost started crying because the last thing I want to do is have Chris upset with me. I know he usually lets me have my way and do whatever I want but I really did not talk to him about this and I think that is what made him angry. He always tells when he buys anything from a cup of coffee or a big thing. I guess I can see where he is coming from.

I think that is why he made me go to Mass this mass this morning. At least it was a Mass in English so I could keep up. I even got breakfast so he must not be mad at me any longer. I kind of do not want to ask because he was grumpy with Paula last night because she ran into another car in the hospital parking lot because she was talking to someone on her cell. It is kind of better when he is mad at someone else for doing something stupid than me. As soon as we land in Montreal and that was kind of exciting because the runway was really wet Paula is calling Chris saying she messed up her front end and hit another car. So, Chris had to tell her to call the campus police and her insurance agent. He was rolling his eyes the whole time and saying to me that he wished he did not have to be the one adult in the whole family. They needed to tow her car away and he had to rent her a car because all she had with her was $50 and her drivers license. I am not shy about saying I am happy when he is angry at someone else. I do enough stupid stuff to keep him mad at me, like forgetting to get a towel when I take a shower or leaving dishes in the sink. You would not believe how much that pisses him off. Oh, and never not squeeze the toothpaste down from the top or you may get a long lecture. There are other things like washing your hands, making sure the sponge is in the sponge caddy or not tying up the bread bag. He has so many rules but I guess it makes sense.

Yay, he is not mad at me, we are going to mall to window shop and he says he feels I need some new stuff. Maybe some afternoon scrabble if I am really good. That is a relief, he can sometimes be mad for hours or days, so this one is a short one. I think to be a good person, I will make dinner tonight. Just have to have him stop by Provigo so I can pick up some mushrooms for stroganof.

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#989 [url]

Aug 2 15 11:00 AM

Remember me? I was the one whining that Chris was angry at me. He all kind of apologized and then took me to Tiffany & Co., where he bought three sets of Schlumberger earrings. One in red rose gold, one in platinum and these gold rope ones I am wearing. The salesman had to go get a box of tissues because I started crying and could not stop. The other people in the store thought Chris was being mean but the salesman, a real sweetheart, told everyone in a loud voice that this guy made his wife very happy. It was funny, all the men there looked down and all of the women were jealous of me.

At first, because Chris and I were wearing shorts and polo shirts we could not get someone to help us until Chris pulled out his black credit card and tapped on a display case. We were popular then. I bought him lunch and now I have do something great for him. I know what would be great for him but finding an anime convention will take some work. Maybe I can get tickets for an Impact game. Oh wait, the CFL season is starting soon, tickets to some games would be fun too. I need to make some plans, bye guys.

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#990 [url]

Aug 2 15 8:26 PM

You guys should win more games like today's game. Lots of fun and stuff for me. Chris is watching a Japanese cartoon and I got all kinds of tickets for him for a thing called Otakuthon here in Montreal next weekend. We were supposed to go to California, but instead the boy and Domi will come here on our dime. The boy has the weekend off, so it was easy for him to get here, but Domi was supposed to work Friday night, but she talked to her boss and he let her have Friday off but she has to work the Friday before Labor Day. So, I got them tickets too and also for the Montreal Impact game on Saturday night. Got Chris and me tickets to see the Alouettes a week from Thursday and the next Thursday after that. It is going to be fun. I have never been to an Anime Convention, but Pointy says they are huge fun and she is jealous because she wants to go, but she is stuck working on Saturday and she says that Tatiana has an interview at the University for a job in the Financial Aid department and she thinks she might get it. I hope she does, she does not really like selling jewelry and I do not want to think of her other job choices even if she is joking about being a stripper.

Watching that show The Strain. Some pretty scary stuff. Did not know it was past midnight already. Oh, a ham and swiss roll up sounds good. Time for a midnight snack and some ice tea. Show is over and I am going to bother Chris and see if he is going to watch cartoons all night or if he wants to play a video game. I bought an old Nintendo set up at a game shop because i wanted to play Mario Brothers and maybe I can talk Chris into playing a video game even though he thinks they are boring. I do not think he wants to sleep so we can do that or we can find a movie to watch, after all we have over 600 channels and there has to be something on.

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#991 [url]

Aug 4 15 10:09 PM

Hi again, back to staying up late. Chris and me did nearly nothing today. I did not even really get dressed, I just sat around in a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, lounging on the sofa with Chris. We were so lazy, we just ordered in, a pizza for lunch and Chinese food for dinner. I made Chris leave his computer alone while he watched the ballgame. He sure can swear when he is mad and I guess the game made him really mad. Then we watched a bunch of Japanese cartoons. One, I really like, It is called Sakura Trick and it is about two girls who are best friends and have sat next to each other since first grade, but now are separated in high school, so to keep being best friends, they kiss. I did not get it either, but then they fall into love with each other. That I kind of get with Pointy and stuff, so it is really cute because they are trying to hide that from their other friends, but the funny thing is that each of their friends are also into similar deals. It is really funny how they get into situations where they get caught. We watched like six episodes of that show and four of another the Chris said he has watched the first three seasons of. It is called To Love Ru and it is about this guy who is surrounded by pink-haired girls who all love him and a girl who is his best friend for years. I guess the pink-haired girls have devil tails and are aliens. Somehow the guy is suppose to marry one of the aliens because he saved her life or something, but he wants to marry the earth girl and the pink-haired girls tell him he can have as many wives as he wants, so they are all trying to have him start a harem. But, there are two girls who are there to protect the pink-haired girls and they want to kill the guy. He is really clumsy and keeps on landing in the assassin's chest or bottom parts. Chris thinks it is hilarious and said that in the first season, the one pink-haired girl used to experiment on him by turning him into a girl. I think this is the show that Pointy was talking about that pretty racy. I guess so, most of the show has what Chris calls censorship bars which look like sunlight on their stuff.

Wow, already 2 in the morning and I am not sleepy. Chris is on the phone with the boy. I guess the boy wants to know if Chris can rent him a car because he and Domi want to check out some stores. Oh, Paula really messed up her car. I guess she bent some rod or thing and it is going to be expensive to fix. That is what she gets for wanting a Porsche. I am hungry so I am going to see if we have any peaches or nectarines in the house. Probably just pears and apples, stuff Chris likes.

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#992 [url]

Aug 7 15 7:19 PM

OMG! So much fun at the anime convention tonight. We were like the last people to leave the convention hall. We walked home because the hall is like a half mile from our home and Montreal is so safe there are no worries. The kids got to our place while we were gone and ordered Chinese food. They ordered a ton of barbecue ribs and garlic chicken. They both cannot wait for tomorrow morning when we go to Day 2. Chris was like a big kid. We got there at noon and the first thing he did was check out the booths for Crunchyroll. It was kind of funny because I hear a woman's voice ask me, "Altoria?" and I said yes. This English woman walks up to me and asks me again if I live in Altoria and I say yes and she goes really small world. She asks if we are the new people on 34 and I tell her I think so. She says we are right above her and her husband who live on 33 (duh!). Her name is Sam and her husband is named Brogdan and they just moved to Montreal from London and I told them we just moved from California via St. Thomas. Her husband is like Chris, totally into anime. Had to introduce them to Chris when I found him. He was buying a ton of stuff and having it brought over in the morning around 9. This is how clueless I am Chris and her husband already know each other from bumping into each other on the elevator and at Schwartz's Deli. They lost us again because of some person named Wendy Lee. Sam says she is a voice actress and a really famous one. So, we ended up watching a band play for about an hour and they were really good. It was a guitar player and a girl singer and wow, they were good. When the guys came back, both had autographed pictures and stuff. You would have thought they were teenagers, they were so happy. I do have to admit they had some great clothing there and I found the booth for Shota's company there. The girls working there were dressed like maids and they told us you could buy the maid outfits at a place on the other side of the hall.

We ended up buying a maid outfit each and then I had to buy some really cute jewelry and found a place selling small kimonos and stuff, so I bought two and even found some different schoolgirl sweaters and skirts for the girls. Finally found Chris after about three hours and he had picked up some more Blu-Rays and books. He also said we can take all of our stuff to the event center and they can bag it up for us to pick up when we leave. That is so cool, so you do not have to carry around all of the stuff you buy, but can free up your hands for more shopping. Chris was kind of amped up because he said that a band called Flow will be playing tomorrow and he got me and the kids and our new friends front row tickets. He said we have to pick up those glow sticks for the concert. We then went to the theater for a bunch of new shows and stuff with the directors and art guys talking and answering questions. That was total fun. Chris lost his mind when they showed ten minutes of the third season of a show he loves. It is called Kimi ni Todoke and the only reason I know that is that it was on a banner above the screen that came down when they started the trailer thing. It was really fun to hear the audience go nuts when they showed this girl with long black hair on the screen. It was like everyone shouted her name at once. Then the lady who wrote the show answered questions and Chris had to ask like six. He was all fanboy. The next movie they showed was from a monster movie called Attack on Titan, but it was pretty gory and bloody. Then they did a love story with the funny title of My Love Story. It looked funny. The last show they showed was that show I saw in Japan and it was in English. It is called Plastic Memories and as soon as the music started, I remembered the show and started tearing up. Sam asked me what was wrong and I told her I had seen it in Japan and it is one of the saddest shows I have ever seen. The voice people answered a bunch of questions and Chris asked a really good question about how they get over not getting too sad about the story. The one girl who plays Isla said that she screwed up about a hundred takes because she could not stop crying. By then, they were letting us know that the hall would be closing in like 30 minutes but you could continue to shop at the Book Store at the entrance. We decided to pick up our loot and head home. Chris bought two huge like leather bags to put all of the stuff into and we walked home with thousands of bucks of stuff like it was nothing.

We are going to meet with Brogdan and Sam tomorrow morning for breakfast and walk to the Hall for Day 2. They walked home with us and asked if we have ever barbecued on our balcony. Chris tells them only once because the wind is sometime really bad. They say they are lucky because our balcony is over them so the wind is not so bad. Yeah, all that is above us is the guy on 35 who has the whole floor and does not have a balcony. But, Chris says when it rains it is pretty cool. He is right, the rain plopping on the balcony is really cool. We got home and invited them up but they had to go relieve their baby sitter, they have two kids who eight and six. They said they might bring them on Sunday when it will be mostly kids shows and stuff. We told them we will be there on Sunday because Domi wants to buy everything Pokemon she can find or get Chris to buy it for her.

Kids are done watching a Blu-Ray with Chris and want to know if we can go out to a bar or something so they can have an adult beverage and we can buy. I will talk to you later because someone cannot find her shoes.

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#993 [url]

Aug 7 15 8:39 PM

That was quick. It was a 10 minute walk there, Chris and me got bored quick and Chris gave the kids a handful of Loonies and told them we would see them later. We are just not bar people anymore. The place was full of kids and we did not fit it at all. Chris said he has a surprise for me and then he headed to our bedroom. I am watching a show about the Republican debate and if I had to vote today, I would vote for none of these guys. Well, maybe Rand Paul only because he told that fat guy from New Jersey to stick it. I know, politics, stop it.

Looking at my new stuff and think I will sleep in the little kimono thing. I just have to remember how to tie right. Wait, we have cake. We picked up a German chocolate cake yesterday and a slice would be nice because I was a good girl. I only had miso soup and some tempura at the convention and one barbecue rib for dinner. I am allowed cake and ice cream. Chris has been gone for a while, I better see if forgot I am waiting for his suprise. I will be back in a minute or two.

OMG! He shaved off his beard. There is all kinds of hair on the bathroom floor and he looks like he is 30 years younger. I asked him why and he pulls out this huge red hat and red glasses which do not help me at all. Then he pulls out a red cape and black boots and I get it. He is dressing as a anime character tomorrow. Oh shit, he expects me to do it too. He has a like army uniform top in blue and some kind of short skirt thing for me with leggings and black boots. It does look kind of small but I think I can pull it off. He even says there are red contact lens for it. I am thinking he ordered them with my perscription so I can see. I am going to try it on and see if it works.

Wow, this skirt is tight but it is great. Chris showed me a picture of the person I am supposed to be and I do not have that kind of boobs. He tells me that no one does, so do not worry. I have the ass though. Yeah it works. There is a blond wig that goes with it, but I do not wear wigs. I put the contacts in and it is so weird to look into the mirror. Okay, I can do this as long as I do not bend over. I may cut myself in half if I do. Chris does look good dressed as a vampire. I had to unbraid Chris's hair for the whole thing to work and I would believe he is a vampire with the red glasses and that big old hat. The pants are a little too tight I think. I told him that nothing better lose blood circulation down there or I wlll be mad.

I asked him if had this planned and he said when I told him about the tickets, he found the outfits on line and had them delivered yesterday and he got my eye doctor to express him the contacts. He also told me that the kids already had cosplay outfits. So this is called something. He said they are going as Spike and Fay. I do not even know who Spike and Fay are, but at least I will not be the only fool there with a crazy vampire person. Well, I am going to bed. Did a lot of walking and we have to get up early tomorrow to get all dolled up and have breakfast with Brogdan and Sam. I hope they go dressed up because if they do not, I am going back home to change. Had to ask Chris if the kids have keys and then I remembered they were here waiting for us, so yeah they have keys. Oh, he told me to bring a change of clothes because after they have the cosplay picture taking thing, we can go back to normal people in jeans and t-shirts. That is good to know.

Kids are back. They said they only had a couple drinks and then walked home. The boy said it was not their scene. Who talks like that? They are going to have something to eat and stake out their room. Domi asked if it was okay to leave some clothes and stuff here and I told her of couse. It is her home too, just like Paula and Thierry and Pointy and Tatiana. That is why we spent more on the five room condo. Everyone gets a room but Tatiana and Pointy wanted to put two beds in Pointy's room so that when they visit they can play video games. I cannot believe the boy brought his video game platform with. I think he will bring it on their honeymoon if they ever get married. Okay, that was a monster yawn, time to get some sleep. No more fighting it.

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#994 [url]

Aug 8 15 9:44 PM

I said yesterday was fun, well today was incredible. First we had to be there for this cosplay thing and the boy and Domi took fifth place. I think they got like a $200 gift certificate. They looked so good in their costumes but Domi said she froze her ass off. Well, the shorts were about as short as can be without being naked and the top did not cover much. I will agree on the cold part, there was a nice breeze this morning and the skirt Chris got me was so tight I had go without. Not that it mattered, I could not bend over if I tried. Sam said my outfit looked great but after two hours of sucking in my stomach I raced to a restroom to change into something that was not so tight. Chris got some kind of ribbon for his outfit. But, he did not get into the main competition. After everyone got changed, we had lunch at the place nearby and then came back for the concerts. There were eight musical acts and all of them were great.

The first band was the one that Sam and I saw on Friday and they were just as good. I did not understand a single word, but the music was easy to dance too and the crowd went wild with the glow sticks. The next bands were local bands who play J-Pop and they had their own fan sections and everything. They did some songs in French and then some in Japanese. Still did not understand much of the lyrics, but the music was great. The headline band, I think their name is Flow and they put on a super show. I guess they are pretty famous because they opened with one song and everyone in the audience sang along with them even though it was in Japanese. Even Domi and the boy knew the words. Their encore was another song that everyone knew and while it was playing their was a anime show playing behind them. People were jumping all over the place and I have never seen a show like this where the audience was louder than the band.

After the encore, the band was handing out discs of the two songs that got everyone all fired up. Chris had to have one and then had Domi get one for Paula and I had to get one for Pointy. We spent some more money on action figures, Blu-Rays and Chris got some autographs and had about ten pictures of him taken with actors and actresses. Just to let you know how small this world is, the two girls who we met in Japan who were voice actresses were there and they spotted us and came up and hugged both of us. The boy's jaw dropped because he knew who these girls were, I guess they had some hit records in Japan but were here only to promote a new cartoon they are starring in. We kind of felt like big shots and even Sam and Brogdan said as much. Tonight, there were some Japanese chefs at the hall making all kinds of food. Yeah, it was expensive, but wow was it good.

We closed the place again and Chris took everyone for coffee and dessert at a diner near the hall where the college kids hang out. Great coffee and even better desserts. Chris and I shared a chocolate/raspberry cake thing was really really good. Tomorrow is kid's day but we are going because there will be some more bands and if the weather is good an outside concert with the big name bands.

Right now, Chris is watching a anime on Cartoon Network that takes place in Brazil. Or that is what he is telling me. Domi is sleeping on him, she was really worn out and the boy is too, but he went to bed while Domi wanted to watch some shows. They have to go home tomorrow at 2, so we will have to leave the place early. Domi is just going to get the Pokemon stuff, so we will be there when they open at 8. Chris just picked up Domi, she does not weigh much and took her to bed. She called him dad as he was taking her down the hallway. Every girl who shows up at our door calls him papa or dad after a few minutes. It is funny, even Pointy's classmates from college call him papa. I think he eats it up. Wow, this show is not like any cartoon I have ever seen, it is this girl and I think her mom who are rowing down the Amazon and they fight like cats and dogs. The girl just stomped on her mom's foot and ran away after calling her mom a whore. See, not you usual Bugs Bunny. I see now, the girl is 10 and her mom was in prison since she was a baby and then the mom escaped and kidnapped the girl. They both have the same tattoo on their belly and the girl had a pretty abusive stay at a foster parent, something about a priest raping her when she was 8 so it is not something for kids. I think I may watch this one. Well, I am going to bed, we have to be up early for some more spending like Americans. Chris is putting his new figures in one of his ten cabinet things. He may need to buy more because he is running out of space. Way too late for all of the walking and dancing we did.

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#995 [url]

Aug 9 15 6:40 PM

Oh, I am so tired it is unbelievable. We got up really early to get to the Convention Hall early and Domi bought a bunch of Pokemon stuff like stuffed animals, cards and some plastic figures then asked Chris if he could buy her some and he did because he is easy to get him buy things, all you have to do is smile and say something nice to him and he will buy you a car or whatever you want. Boy bought a ton of those model kits and stuff like that. Chris had to lend them a suitcase to carry all of that stuff home. We then came back to see if any deals could be had and I found a bunch of clothes and stuff that were so cute for half off so I loaded up too. Chris did not buy as much, just so more books and some CD's.

Kind of sad the kids are gone, but it was a fun weekend and on Thursday we will be going to the football game. I am kind of bummed we blew off the futbol game, but no one wanted to leave the concerts to see the Impact. We have other tickets for later in the season and will make sure to check out some games. I think Chris is still taking a nap. We picked up dinner at a Thai place, but it is still sitting on the kitchen table. I will have to wake him up because if he sleeps much longer, he will be up all night. Last night, I do not think he went to sleep at all. I know when I got up he had already made coffee and was talking to Paula on the phone.

I wonder what is on TV tonight, I was watching old episodes of Married with Kids but I think the Strain is on tonight. Oh good, Chris is awake and I think he is nuking some dinner for us. He said something about going to IKEA for some more cabinets or bookshelves, so that will be in the plans. I have to drag him to Costco to see if they have the bagel dogs there. I have a craving for bagel dogs and I love their muffins so we can have something different around here. Well, it is dinner time and Chris asked if he could watch the baseball game for a few minutes. Figured he would get his laptop, but it is still in his office. He might be going through withdrawal. He hasn't spent much time on it this weekend.

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#996 [url]

Aug 12 15 6:13 PM

Hi, you guys! Had a good day for me, Sam and I did the walk for five miles and some window shopping followed by a nice lunch at this bistro by the University. Sam then said we should get a spa day, so we went to this salon she knows of for haircuts, some dying, massage and a facial. While I was having fun, Chris found the IKEA catalogue and started to fill in the empty spaces in our place. I hate to say it but when he puts together a room it does work. I guess I was gone for a long time because he has a new floor in his office, bamboo or something, but it is so nice. He also got himself a new desk and gave the one he had just bought to building manager, who is now his best friend. Then I checked my closet it is all organized with shoe cabinets, drawers and racks for bags and stuff. Had to give him a huge kiss for that.

He is all worn out. He built most of the furniture that was put together himself and he told me that a truckload of furniture will be coming for the other rooms and we are getting a real dining room set. Last I looked he was watching his beloved Crunchyroll. He told me he will not watch the Dodgers because he thinks he is bad luck. He is an idiot. Tomorrow, we are going to see some CFL and I am excited. I love football and need some so I can get all hooligan. I smell something yummy. Yes, Chris made banana bread, so I am getting some while it is hot.

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#997 [url]

Aug 13 15 4:01 AM

I love when a delivery truck shows up on time. Got a ring about an hour ago that there was a truck with at the loading dock that I needed to sign for and unlock the freight elevator to our floor. One of the reasons I picked this building for our place here is that the freight elevator is just outside our door (well about fifteen feet, but close enough to not bother my neighbors for days like this). Herself is getting her dining room set, hutches and whatnot. She was getting a bit ticked about the breakfast table that was impersonating a dining room table. Had to push her out of bed and tell her to get cleaned up because worker types will be around here all day. Giving her what she wanted. We have this extra room that was supposed to be Tatiana's when she visits, but she prefers to bunk with Pointy because they can play video games all night, so it was a junk room for empty boxes I haven't taken down to recycle and other stuff we needed to be rid of. Anyway, Herself wanted a real guest room and not have to have friends from far away bunk in Paula's room because it was the nicest. To that end, they are bringing up a bedroom set and all of that kind of stuff.

Well, she is standing in the living room checking out what I purchased at IKEA. Don't know where their warehouse is at, but if you ask for express shipping, you get what you pay for. She does need to dry her hair, looks like a ragamuffin standing in the living room in a pair of shorts and one of my old Big Dog t-shirts. Seems she approves because I am getting smiles while watching the morning news show on CBC. Offered the guys doing the installing and building coffee and some Tim Horton's Donuts. Love that we have one about a block and a half away. Place was packed, but calling in orders makes things faster. I have found that if you keep plenty of coffee and donuts on hand for times like this, things get done right the first time. The guy in charge asked about the wall art he found in the closet in the guest room and Herself remembered she had put six or seven framed things in there for safekeeping. He asked if we would want them placed on the walls and Herself let a gleeful sound and she is now in there with the men at work giving them all kinds of directions. An hour ago, she was not happy with the idea of "strangers" being here so early, now she is a ball of fire. Life is good.

Well, looks like football weather, some clouds, mid-seventies and maybe a slight chance of a drizzle tonight. My first CFL game, so this should be fun. I know Herself is jazzed. She is set with her Alouettes' jersey and hoodie for tonight. She found a Chad Johnson jersey at their team store in her size and seeing as he was the only player who she recognized on the team, she had to have it. I hate to tell her that he is suspended and will not play. It will be easy to miss the Dodger game tonight, football followed by a late dinner and maybe a drive by the St. Lawrence. Time to move along, my input is needed - I think it is more signing some delivery invoices and tipping the delivery guys while the installers get started on the big stuff.

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#998 [url]

Aug 13 15 3:23 PM

Down here at Molson Stadium to watch me some CFL. Herself is having a great time and kickoff is still some ten minutes away. I will give the Canadians this, their wi-fi is truly great at their stadiums. Pretty much like a fall night for football now. Geez, the Eskimos uniforms could be called day-glo they are so bright. There is something different about the PA guy introducing all of the players in French. Oh well, time to go. Hopefully, there is more offense than last week's game.

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#999 [url]

Aug 16 15 9:07 AM

Good afternoon, you guys. Was really not doing anything yesterday because Chris was building a TV thing for the guest bedroom and then he spent the rest of the day at IKEA looking for more stuff he could build. I think he is addicted to building things. Because I was kind of bored, I read all of the posts in this thread yesterday and earlier this morning. Wow, you guys are funny!

Went to Mass and then we had breakfast. Had a corned beef omelet. Sounds kind of greasy, but was really, really good. That football game we went to on Thursday was not very good. I had heard that the CFL was offense all day but this game was really boring and there was no offense. But, the fans were fun and I look good in my Alouettes jersey. Hey, there is some little league baseball on, I can watch that. There goes Chris blurring by. I must be getting deaf, I didn't hear the doorbell. Oh wow, more boxes and stuff. I guess you can get deliveries on Sunday too. More IKEA stuff. Would be nice if they delivered some of those Swedish meatballs, I can eat those all day.

I am being put to work opening boxes and seeing what Chris bought. Well, that was fast. He bought butcher block table, some kitchen cabinet things and a desk for the kitchen. Who needs a desk in the kitchen? More boxes, more little things like bread boxes and he bought plates, silverware and some serving stuff. I think he is still pissed about the time I was supposed to buy that stuff last January and blew it off to buy clothes and shoes. Bye now, I have to earn my keep.

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#1000 [url]

Aug 19 15 8:26 PM

Herself asked me to say hi. She is laying on the bed with two icepacks on her backside. Some of the roads between Montreal and Toronto can be rough and she complained that I need to get an ergonomic seat for her backside if we plan on doing long distance motorcycle riding. Kind of a gift for her, she is going in for Lasix surgery on Friday. She finally admitted that the biggest reason she does not like to drive is that she cannot see even with her glasses on. The eye doctor saw her yesterday and said she needs the surgery as soon as possible because she is like 20/2000 in both eyes. I had been after her to see the eye doctor after i caught her using a magnifying glass to punch in a phone number. To be honest, she is scared about the surgery and I kind of figured this day trip would relax her. At least it took the worry about the surgery and moved it to the worry that her ass is permanently broken. She is saying her butt hurts a like a toothache. I have to say there is few things more sexy than a Brazilian standing in the middle of the room wearing nothing but an icepack on her backside. We may have to use the Winter Rules for Scrabble tonight.

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