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#1001 [url]

Aug 21 15 7:31 PM

Almost feel like the guy who asked Mary Todd Lincoln how the play was. Geez, just looked at the box score and figured that our offense has been out to lunch since we went on this roadie. Oh well, still have a one game lead.

Anyway, Herself is pretty well happy. She had her Lasik surgery on her left eye today and she says that after some early blurriness, she can tell the difference and can watch TV without glasses from across the room. It isn't crystal clear, but she says she says she can read larger type on TV and she can even read her laptop. She is wearing the eye patch over the right eye so she doesn't try to overwork the fixed eye. She cannot wait until Thursday when the other eye gets the surgery. She said the weirdest thing was the itching, but she is doing her best to not rub or touch her left eye. They gave her a patch thing to wear at night, so if she has a late night bathroom run, I have to guide her around. At first, she was telling me that when the doctor finished, she could not see much other than some hazy shapes. So, I said like normal and she nodded her head. But, then it got better and better over the next half hour and her doctor said it doesn't look like she will have to worry about dry eye as she was pretty much crying like the proverbial six year old girl who didn't get a Barbie for Christmas.

She is reminding me to say hi and all that. She is kind of wired and is channel surfing like me on a Sunday morning. I have seen this before, she gets wired late and I am making her a turkey sandwich on the hope that she might fall asleep at four in the morning.

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#1002 [url]

Aug 23 15 10:20 PM

Hi, I'm back. Three days since I got my left eye fixed and I cannot wait until Thursday when I get the other eye done. I was really scared because the last week or so my eyesight started getting really bad. I was walking into walls and the worst part was when I lost Chris at the grocery store and could not find or see much of anything. Lucky for me a nice lady saw me standing there like a frightened child and led me to Chris who was like five feet away. I was too scared to even say anything in the store. Anyway, long story short, shopping was done and Chris got me an appointment to see an eye doctor and he said that my eyes were in really bad shape and I needed some surgery fast. Something about degeneration or a word like that. He told me after he checked both of my eyes that I was legally blind in the my left eye and getting there with my right. Something about pressure and my eyes being genetically bad to begin with.

Lasik was spooky. First they numbed my eye which was weird then they put on something like a clamp or donut and then he told me he was cutting part of my eye to open it up so he could use a laser thing. Next thing I know all I can see is a white light and then he was done. At first, it was the same but hurt, then it got better and by the time I left his office I could see a whole lot better. The doctor told me to wear an eye patch over the right eye and to wear these almost black goggle things when I was outside. Could not see anything then, but when I got home, Chris closed all of the blinds and turned the lights down. I took off the goggles and I started to cry again because I could see really well and by today I do not even think I will need anything but maybe glasses for driving. I kind of look like a pirate with the eye patch. Maybe I will get a parrot. No, they are stinky birds.

Watched the wrestling tonight. I did not like it that much, the guys I like lost and it was not as good as last night's show with the women who were great. Chris watched the football game and I see he is still good at cussing. Every five minutes he would yell, "Same old shit offensive line" and I knew the Rammies were sucking. Well, I better get to sleep, they give me these pills so my eye does not hurt much and they pretty much knock you out for like ten hours. I got to put on the stupid mask thing so I do not touch my eye and like last night I had to wake up Chris for a bathroom visit and he is such a deep sleeper, I almost did not think I would make it to the bathroom. I guess I could have taken off the mask, but I tried that Friday night and I guess my eye does not adjust to light so well yet. I ran into a closet door and started crying because it hurt like hell and then Chris wakes up and walks me to the bathroom. Never felt so helpless. But, it is kind of nice that Chris is being so sweet. He is just letting me lounge on the sofa and I got breakfast in bed for the past couple days. The pill is working, I am going to sleep now, talk to you guys later.

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#1003 [url]

Aug 27 15 6:21 AM

Killing time while waiting for Herself to get her other eye fixed. Starting a book a friend of mine suggested, Games of the Hangman. Not bad. I guess last night's game was too exciting at the end, but the pen did it's job even though the defense left something to be desired. The boy texted me that JT is becoming a real problem on defense with his lack of range and iron hands. Something about a double that he could've fielded if he had any first step quickness. Well, she is done and she has a huge smile so the surgery must've been successful. She is begging to go sunglasses shopping, but she can do that online, no sun for her. Of course, she has to hug the doctor, the nurses and anyone else who is working here. In another ten minutes we will be able to leave.

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#1004 [url]

Aug 27 15 7:26 PM

I am so excited I cannot sleep. As soon as the doctor finished today, I could see a whole lot better. It is so much better with both eyes fixed. I wanted to go shopping for cool sunglasses and hats, but Chris told me we are going home and I am going to stick to dark rooms for a while. Poor guy, I did not notice but he has not been sleeping much and he was really, really tired when we got home. I asked if he was okay and he told me he was just worried about the surgery because things can go wrong. He said that he had a hard time sleeping because he kept on thinking what he would do if the surgery did not work. I never really thought that much about it, but I kind of get it. Anyway, after he made me lunch, he stuck me in front of a TV and let me catch up on my favorite shows. I did not hear from him for about an hour so I went looking for him and I found him sleeping in his chair in his office. So, I did what Pointy does, I crawled into his lap and cuddled with him and we slept like that for six hours. So, I do not think either of us will sleep tonight. He was talking with the Boy earlier and now I think he is watching some Japanese cartoon. I am waiting for my sister to call me back. We were talking for about an hour, but she had to take care of something and said she would call me back around 11:30.

Oh wow, I just remembered that I have not had anything to eat since noon. Last night, Chris made a homemade banana cream pie and that sounds good right now. Not a really good dinner, but it is yummy. Maybe I can get Chris to make me a tuna sandwich too. Banana cream pie and a tuna sandwich? If I did not know better, I would think I am pregnant, but that is not happening. Time to beg for my food, talk to you guys later.

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#1005 [url]

Aug 29 15 8:39 PM

Hi, you guys. It is really loud here. Last night around ten we got a knock at our door and I thought it might be Brogdan and Sam, but Chris said they were in England, so we were kind of wondering who it might be. Chris answered and it was the girls, they had caught a flight after school and work and wanted to surprise us. Well, they did. We did not get to sleep until around six. Chris had to put on a big show when he showed them what he had done to their room here. I think he did it for the thank you he got, both girls hugging on him like he was a rock singer. Tatiana had to tell us about her new job at the University. She is like a person who helps students who do not speak English that well. Because she can speak French, Spanish and of course, Portuguese, they hired her in a second and she said she spent her first day helping students from Martinique, Haiti and Guadeloupe find their way around the city and university. She also works in the admissions office and does other things too. Pointy said the Miki is watching the pets and because he wanted to goof around in Chris's studio.

The girls look great, Tatiana got some blonde streaks in her brown hair and it looks great. Pointy is trying out blue in her hair. I guess? It looks neat, but I would not do it, even though we have the same color hair. She was telling me that one night she and Tatiana had some drinks and she talked Tatiana into a tattoo. She got Sylvester and Tweety Bird on her left rib cage. They are cute, but she said she got sober real fast when they started. Pointy got a new tattoo too, but we had to kick Chris out so she could show it. It was not in a private area, just it was something Chris hates, she got the logo for the University of California and she did it because she knows Chris hates that place.

Right now, the three of them are arguing over some Japanese cartoon and it is really loud. Something about a character named Suna and if he should date the grey haired girl from some show. You would think they are arguing over something like taxes or politics. I am betting on someone getting hit with a pillow pretty soon. Pointy just said, "Papa, you do not know shit" and then the pillow went sailing across the room and nailed Pointy on the butt, she was trying to run away. Silly girl, Chris can make pillows curve. I think I will sit in a corner where it might be safe from ice and pillows. Now they are arguing over the show on tv, something called go kill. That is the brightest pink hair I have ever seen. I wish I knew why girls in these shows have green, silver, purple and pink hair. I think it is safe enough to go get some pop corn. I am putting away my laptop before someone figures out I am in the room and pour ice down my pants like last night. Oh yeah, my eyes are getting real good. I can see all kinds of stuff like the case of Macaroons that Chris had hidden in the back of the pantry. Maybe he gets some ice down the back of his pants tonight for being sneaky.

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#1006 [url]

Aug 31 15 10:36 PM

Sitting here all alone. Chris had to fly with the girls back home to check on the house and see what repairs need to be made. The storm was not too bad as Miki said, but we may need to replace a window and a shutter or two. The girls were fine when the storm hit, they were pretty prepared and the winds had died down, but they decided to come here because the power was not working so well and even though it was not as bad as the weather people predicted, the roads were kind of messy and they closed the schools for the next few days. Miki said it was worse on St. Croix, where some people lost roofs and some roads were tore up really good. They got there in the afternoon and it was not bad, some trees were down and they were working on the power lines in town. Our house had power and after Chris and Miki adjusted the satellite, they had tv. The only damage was a broken shutter and we had a bunch of palm leaves in the pool. Chris was more worried about his boat, he said the main mast had some damage and needs to be fixed.

He is going to fly home tomorrow in the morning. They decided to fly to New Orleans and catch a flight to San Juan and then to home. They were not going to fly to Miami even though Paula said it was not bad there, he did not feel like taking the chances. Chris said that the folks he talked to who were going to San Juan were kind of hoping the storm would hit there because they have not had any rain in forever. Really weird, the girls says they have been getting rain about once a week. Chris said the house is in great shape otherwise. The place is clean and the girls have been doing a great job on keeping up on their laundry and making sure the trash get thrown out and the pantry stays full. He said it was funny, the dogs growled at him at first, but the cat came right up to him like he had never left. I will probably not sleep tonight because this will be the first night I have been alone here and I will have the tv as company and just count the hours until Chris gets home. He is catching the first flight out at 6:30 and it looks like he will be flying to San Juan, then to Atlanta and Montreal. He is hoping to be home in the early afternoon. I kind of wanted to go, but we both thought it would be a good idea for me to stay here.

So, my sister called me the other day all excited. She is getting married again. I think it is like number five for her. She found some guy on one of her travels to the south of Spain and he has money and is about twenty years older than her. I hope she likes the guy because I get worried she is marrying all of these guys because they have money and they do. She does not have to work because her last three husbands paid her to go away, then she finds some fetus to have good times with and then they get bored with her and she finds a guy who is her age or older. My sister is still very pretty and she is still in great shape even though she is a year older than Chris. She can be nice when she wants to and she got all of the boobs among me and Grace. I just worry about her because she really does not have a place to live, she just stays in hotels or timeshares and I do not know if her retirement plan of marrying rich old guys every four or five years will work. I should call Grace one of these days. I have not talked to her in weeks and the last time we talked we got into an argument. She and her husband are forever separating and making up and whenever she calls I am supposed to be her shoulder to cry on and the last time she called I told her I was not interested in her whining about her husband and his job and stuff. Then she goes on about her kids not calling her and she is bored, wah, wah, wah. I thihk it is payback for her being the snitch in our house and always telling my dad when anyone did anything bad. Chris says I let her still get under my skin and he is right, but he has his youngest brother who always pisses him off. Just the other day his brother's ex-wife called Chris and told him about his brother pretty much spending his whole life with his computers, he has like seven and his house is like a disaster. She thinks J.T. is living on the dark internet or whatever it is called where they sell drugs and other sick things. Chris said he tried to talk to him but it was a waste of time. Something about the clown being in love with pink meth or whatever that is. The last time I saw J.T. I thought he was a mess and Chris says he is spiraling down fast and he would not be shocked if he got a call that he was in intensive care or dead. I guess both of us have black sheep in our families.

Oh wow, it is 2:30. I think I will go make myself a sandwich and a cup of coffee and put on a movie. I am kind of wired anyway so I do not think I will need the coffee to stay awake. Well, I will not bore you guys and I hope you have a good night.

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#1007 [url]

Sep 1 15 5:18 PM

Got home about four hours ago, landed in Montreal five and half hours ago and traffic was a freakin' clusterfrog. Herself was happy to see me, she is now catching a nap because she fell asleep while telling me about the movie she watched this morning at 4am. She said she could not sleep because she was futzing around on youtube on my laptop and found my cache of scary stories. I love to be scared, but she does not, ergo every noise last night had her thinking of hiding under the bed. Brought her some Toblerone so she was happy and wondered if I had more gifts for her. Yeah, like I had time. Made sure the house is in one piece, the boat is one piece and deal with angry pets not much time for a shopping expedition on a one-day trip.

Lovely day here, nice breeze and low seventies right now. Almost every window is open because it isn't humid like St. Thomas. Game is on in about 45 minutes, so I am going to whip up a quick dinner (mac & cheese and spam) and get me a place in front of the tv for the Greinke v. Bovine game.

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#1008 [url]

Sep 5 15 5:51 AM

So, earlier this morning we went on the search for a 24-hour diner where a body could get some great poutine and found a place on the Rue Rachel that was out of this world. It was after two in the morning and the line was out the door. Still, the place smelled fantastic and sleep was not going to be had anyway, so we waited. Best wait ever. We got in around 2:30 and got into the place. Best looking and smellng diner I have ever been in and except for a high percentage of hipsters, a quality eatery. Herself tried the poutine with guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream and she said it was the finest she had ever had. The fries were crisp, the cheese was actually melted and she didn't miss the gravy. I had the classic with a side of bacon. Their gravy is a food group by itself. Nice, not too salty and not thin like some other places. Place could be considered spendy, spent 50$ Canadian there but that is only because Herself had two Molsons and asked for an order of the Kamikaze to go. The Kamikaze is poutine with jalapeños, tabasco sauce and some ghost peppers.

Needless to say, we did not get any sleep last night. After that, we ended up at a bakery that opened at four in the morning for fresh donuts and some excellent coffee. Herself said she knew where there was a bowling alley that was open all night and we rolled a few games before meeting the newspaper at home and waiting for a day's worth of college football. I am glad the deli delivers, a couple bagel sandwiches with ham and swiss and nice thermos of their coffee which could make a narcoleptic never sleep again. Herself is into football mode. Only about two hours til the Stanford/Northwestern game and then it is football all day long culminating with the USC/Arkansas St game at around 11am. Boy went to a high school game last night at his alma mater and they have a kid on that team who ran for nearly 400 yards, caught passes for a hundred and scored six touchdowns and he is only a junior. Boy said he spotted some high profile college coaches there but no Sarkisian. I guess the kid has a verbal for Alabama but he is wavering according to the Boy. Got the snacks out, plenty of coffee and we are ready for some football.

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#1009 [url]

Sep 10 15 8:58 PM

Hi, you guys. Chris is a little under the weather. He says he has an allergy going and he is eating Claritin like it is candy. Cannot be walking in the rain two days ago. Boy called today saying it was 105 where they are at and their air conditioning started acting up. They had to pick up some fans so they didn't sweat to death. They slept on the balcony last night, but he says it feels like it will not be so hot this night. The girls called us last night begging us to come home before October 1, but we said we are staying here until then. We love the kids and all that but we like time to ourselves too. This has been great for us here. We can do whatever we want and the kids learn some responsibility. It is only three weeks, so they can wait. It is not like we are going to spend the winter down there anyway. We will come back here one week a month to make sure everything is good and just to get away because the girls can be drama sometimes. Chris is even willing to play in the snow, maybe.

Paula was talking to Chris earlier today about her classes and how it is more fun to teach than do in her job. She also asked Chris to send her some stuff that we only have up here. Some cereal that she found up here that she loves and she also has to have her Brio Chinotto and Caramilk shakes. How she can drink Brio I will never know. It is like Coke but kind of bitter. The shakes are good and if I know Chris he will pick up a case or two and figure out how to get it to her without it getting warm. The shakes are these like Gatorade size bottles of a milk shake that you stick in the freezer for like an hour and then drink. They are so good. They have two flavors, Vanilla and Caramilk which is just caramel and milk chocolate which is so good on a hot day. I know we are bringing some ginger beer home, we really like that drink. We will miss it up here because we both really love Montreal, but we also hate snow, so we cannot stay here all year.

Watched the football game, but the Cheaters won so I am not happy. We have the NFL on Sunday here so I can watch my Seahawks play and they better win it all or I am going to be really really angry. I am still really mad about last year and that stupid play by Russell Wilson at the end. Marshawn should have gotten the ball at the end and that is all I am going to say about that. They better beat the Lambies on Sunday or Chris will never let me forget it. Like last year when the Lambies beat us, he was a real butthole that week. Do you guys still play fantasy football? I still have my two teams and one team is loaded with Peyton Manning, Antonio Brown and Gronkowski. My other team is not as good, I got Jamal Charles but I do not know if I will like Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater as my quarterbacks. I guess I am going to go to sleep. It is starting to thunder out and Chris went to sleep like an hour ago, so I am hoping he got the bed all warm. Night night.

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#1010 [url]

Sep 11 15 6:39 AM

Herself and I just got back from Mass for the 9/11 victims at our church here. Even though we are in Canada and French Quebec at that, it was a packed house. Great sermon by the young priest we have here. He was born in Lebanon and said that even though most of us are not Americans, it is not something we can ignore whether Canadian, American or like himself, a French kid born in Lebanon with a Lebanese mother. Not a dry eye in the house by the time he finished. Even though the Mass was in French, Herself got it pretty quickly and soaked two hankerchiefs. Unlike most Masses, where it is sedate and calm, he played it like a gospel show and got very animated about 9/11. I am glad she talked me into it, this morning. I will leave it at that because I am feeling a rant coming on and that is better served by not stating that rant at all.

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#1011 [url]

Sep 13 15 3:51 AM

Mary, I'm in Foz Do Iguassu on a work assignment for the week. Couldn't help telling you that. Unbelievable, but it's actually chilly here at night. Heading to the Falls this afternoon for some sight seeing and the off to prepare my lesson plan for the next few days. Wow, my Portuguese is worse than I thought, but between the Portunhol and gestures, getting by.

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#1012 [url]

Sep 13 15 12:44 PM

VicenteRomo wrote:
Mary, I'm in Foz Do Iguassu on a work assignment for the week. Couldn't help telling you that. Unbelievable, but it's actually chilly here at night. Heading to the Falls this afternoon for some sight seeing and the off to prepare my lesson plan for the next few days. Wow, my Portuguese is worse than I thought, but between the Portunhol and gestures, getting by.

I hate to say that I have never been there.   I think my dad spent some time there when he was in the military but I cannot ask him.   All I remember is that because it was right next to Paraguay my dad would not let us go.   He said there are some rough people in Paraguay.    My Portuguese is slipping some, I can talk to my girls and my sisters, but we always slip into English because we hear it all of the time.    Sometimes, Chris will start talking to me in French because we are here in Montreal and I am learning some but I had such a hard time learning English that a third language is going to be really hard.   I am doing better with learning Japanese phrases and stuff.  

Chris is being a huge butthole, his Lambies won the game against my Seahawks.   Maybe I need to be a Charger fan like I was when I was a kid.  Stupid Lambies do not need to be good.   It was more fun when they sucked and Chris would be all poopy when they lost.   I told him to go get dinner so I do not have to listen to him be a bad winner.    I am a bad winner too but I am allowed.  

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#1013 [url]

Sep 13 15 5:23 PM

Well, I did go see the Falls today and it was quite spectacular. Amazing in fact. Took a lot of photos (with my Dodger cap on of course) and got real wet from all the spray. I'm really regretting that J didn't arrange to take the Mrs. Along on this trip. Speaking of Paraguay. The class I'm teaching is with Brazilian Customs and Federal Police, as the U.S. gov't is providing some tools and technology for their border inspection process. It is pretty wild out here and a lot of smuggling in the region. Anyway, it's definitely worth the visit of you get the chance. Loving the cuisine. Arroz com feijoa. Oh my gosh, so delish.

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#1014 [url]

Sep 14 15 9:03 AM

VicenteRomo wrote:
Well, I did go see the Falls today and it was quite spectacular. Amazing in fact. Took a lot of photos (with my Dodger cap on of course) and got real wet from all the spray. I'm really regretting that J didn't arrange to take the Mrs. Along on this trip. Speaking of Paraguay. The class I'm teaching is with Brazilian Customs and Federal Police, as the U.S. gov't is providing some tools and technology for their border inspection process. It is pretty wild out here and a lot of smuggling in the region. Anyway, it's definitely worth the visit of you get the chance. Loving the cuisine. Arroz com feijoa. Oh my gosh, so delish.
I miss some of the food especially arroz de coco and feijoda.   My grandmother would make us caldeirada whenever we went to Brazil and I loved that stuff.  For some reason, my mom could not make it the same way.   I also miss pastels.  There are a couple Brazilian restaurants here in Montreal, but none of them can make pastels right, even they are too greasy or the filing is bland.   We did find a nice Brazilian restaurant in New York City and they made the best bobo de camarao I have ever had.  

I remember my dad always saying that the border with Paraguay was a lot worse than the US border with Mexico.  He told us to never go to Paraguay unless you wanted to be kidnapped which is funny because kidnapping is a career choice in Brazil.   

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#1015 [url]

Sep 16 15 9:52 PM

Hi, you guys. We just got home. We took a two day trip to Seattle for Chris to sign some paperwork about the rest of his dad's estate. I do not know why we had to fly out there, but Chris said it was important and was about some legal thing that his dad had that needed to be ended. Chris did not seem happy until he met these lawyers and signed their papers. I know they gave Chris a check and Chris just said, "We are done, right?" I wish I knew what it was all about, but Chris told me the less I know the better. Just that his dad was a real SOB and that if he could he would burn this check. I so want to know what this is about but I will have to ask Miki, he will tell secrets a lot more than Chris will.

We are going to start packing up the house here. All the food that can turn like milk, bread and fruit and vegies need to be eaten. My job is to make sure the newspaper is turned off and the mail is sent home to St. Thomas. Chris has this long list on the wall next to the fridge of things that need to be done. Eat Food is the top of the list. I think we are leaving the cable and that stuff on, it is cheaper to just pay the monthly bill even though no one is watching it then to start and stop it. Even though the weather is pretty good right now, I am kind of ready to head back to our little island. I miss the dogs and cats, the girls and I want to play in the ocean and sand. It is almost two in the morning and both of us are wide awake. I think is being in Seattle for two days and we are messed up.

We have company coming this weekend for five days. The friends we made in Japan are coming here to visit. I cannot wait because they showed us a good time in Tokyo and we have some big plans for the weekend. I better get some sleep. We have to be up early for my visit with the eye doctor to see how good I am doing and Chris has to see a doctor about his elbow again. He said it started to get really painful in Seattle and he thinks he may just get the surgery to fix it finally. Night night.

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#1016 [url]

Sep 21 15 3:27 PM

Long weekend over and friends are on their way to San Francisco and back to Japan. Did the turista thing here in Montreal, then showed them NYC and Boston. Weather was passable but we are both dead tired - didn't help that the Dodgers' offense went on sabbatical this weekend. Now, to getting this place buttoned up until Thanksgiving. The kids want to have Thanksgiving here and do the Black Friday thing here because shopping on St. Thomas is nearly non-existent on the day after Thanksgiving. I just hope it doesn't snow because none of these people could drive in snow if their life depended on that skill.

Girls all seem to be good. Pointy and Tatiana like to remind me that they miss us - more like miss homecooked meals and clean clothes magically appearing out of the blue and each think they deserve a large gift when we come home. Kind of wonder if they are stuck on the age of eleven. Paula left a long text message on my phone stating that I have to send her some Brio and French Toast Crunch. Girl could eat that cereal three times a day and never get bored with it. Me, I think it tastes like sweetened cardboard but according to her I have zero taste buds.

Damn, more books stacked on my desk to read. Looks like I get to spend my winter catching up Clive Cussler's new offerings, the newest Lizbeth Salander book and some books a friend of mine sent me to read by Victor O'Reilly. Perfect time for new books, just my luck the Dodgers will have a long playoff run and I will be trying to catch up in December when free agency gets busy.

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#1017 [url]

Sep 24 15 7:11 AM

Morning, back on California time. Sorry, have been dealing with a death in the family. The youngest brother passed away on Tuesday morning from what looks like an overdose of oxycontin and alcohol. Pretty much a huge mess. The funeral is later today and that might be easiest chore. Spent yesterday trying to tie up his affairs and I might need some divine assistance to take care of some of the stuff he was into. Let's just say that my brother was a broken toy. I hate to speak badly of the dead, but just going through his browser history on his seven computers is enough to make me physically sick. Miki made the mistake of opening one up and my brother was into some really dark shit.

His ex is not making it any easier, she seems to think that he was sitting on a buttload of money. Hated to tell her the bad news is that he had very little money and was living out of my and Miki's largesse for the past several years. Kind of ticked he managed to mortgage the only things my dad gave him in the will to the max and I guess he neglected to make the mortgage payments so that is something I need to do tomorrow with the banks. I still don't get banks giving a guy with no discernible income money but he could talk a person out of their last dollar as that might have been his best skill. All of the kids arrived yesterday and they are all willing to help clean up his house. Already had the Chico police here to pick up several suspicious packages that were delivered on Wednesday. I know Silk Road doesn't exist by that name, but this stuff seemed from someplace similar. Just a total clusterfrog. I am betting I will find more of the same. Geez, this place is a house of horrors.

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#1019 [url]

Sep 27 15 10:34 AM

VicenteRomo wrote:
So sorry you are going though this Chris.  Prayers out to you and your family.

To be honest, it was expected sooner or later.   He had been on a downward spiral since the Dad passed away - something about thinking he was going to get the bulk of the dad's estate.  We are going to do a last check on the house and hand the keys to the banker at one.   Paula and Thierry had to fly back to Miami this morning, but we are going to spend a day or two here to finish up his estate.  So far, we have found two dozen various unopened packages that warranted the Chico PD's interest.    The first five we found contained oxycontin and one contained heroin which leads me to believe the brother had some serious drug issues.   Might explain the serious weight loss, at the time of death, he weighed a little over 200 lbs.   Two years ago, he was tipping the scale at over 400 lbs.   

The computers are a bigger issue.   Like I said before my brother was into some sick shit.   Paula made the mistake of turning one on and seeing as how my brother left all passwords on his desk - I tend to think his mind was going at the end - she opened up the browser and found herself on a site that seemed to be a snuff film (I hope, I would hate for it to be live).   She yanked the plug out immediately and had to go outside to compose herself.   At that time, I suggested we unplug everything and let the Chico PD go through them with folks who have stronger constitutions.    Otherwise, the house is not as bad as first speculated.   Once we opened up the drapes and removed all of the empty pizza boxes and take out containers, it was in decent shape.    The bank should be able to sell it pretty quickly.   

While I am at it, does anyone know what Bitcoins are?   I have heard of them, but my knowledge is from wikipedia, so I am kind of clueless on the exchange rate, but had one account with close to 6,000 of them and another with 5,800.    The boy thinks that is a pretty huge amount of them.   All I get is that is how things are bought and paid for on the sites he frequented.    Fully expecting his ex to show up sometime today looking for her cut.   Hate to tell her that the bank owns the house and aside from the computers, a bed, one television, an office chair and his car there isn't much.    A few of his so-called friends have been by looking for things they have left there, sent them on their way.   If they want it, check the dumpster out front, it is nearly full of the aforementioned boxes, filthy clothes and whatnot that littered the place.   

Might get to watch the game today, looks like most of what is left to be done can be handled by the bank.   Given that the place was in foreclosure, one could think he OD'd on purpose.   Just have to find a way for the girls to be amused, Chico is not exciting enough for their tastes - something about a road trip to San Francisco has been mentioned.   Ungodly hot out here though.   

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Sep 29 15 5:25 AM

Got to sleep in(?) to eight before I get the tapping on my forehead and two young women telling me they are hungry. At least it will be easy to clean out the refrigerator. They pretty much inhaled all of the eggs, bread, milk and butter. I have already been told they want to look at some sales today and I am going to be the driver/bag carrier today. Sure, I am in a wonderful mood so this plan has all of the signs of being a winner. I stand a good chance at killing someone before the sun sets.

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