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Oct 4 16 8:30 PM

It is pretty late, but I cannot sleep even though the lightning has stopped. It is really windy out and our poor dock needs to be fixed when this crappy weather stops. Our pool is covered with palm leaves and all kinds of dead insects. Last night, about 3 all of us girls were huddled in the middle of the house when the thunder was booming. Stupid Chris and Miki were sitting on the deck having cigars and laughing at us. Must be great to be stupid and have a death wish. Lightning is hitting everywhere and those two are telling jokes. Does anyone know why men are not frightened by thunder and lightning? You guys are mostly men, so could you answer that for me. Those two just said it is just a weather disturbance and nothing to worry about. Assholes. Oh good, someone is at the door. Last night it was our neighbors, their roof got a massive hole and they needed buckets and stuff. Oh, it is Andrew. He walked over here because the apartment he lives in has no power and he said the loo (I love that word) is backing up. Tatianna is happy but there will be no smoochy stuff, he has been ordered to the deck where manly things are going on. I am sure Miki is happy, he has someone to drink Scotch with. Even when Chris drank, Scotch was the thing he hated the most. He said it was like drinking water after it had been through a toilet.

Yeah, it is also really warm. We put the TV on and the weather fool said it is 81 right now and really humid. Chris says we can turn the A/C on so maybe that make it nicer. The last couple days we had it off because of reasons, I guess. Now, we girls are all hungry. Not the right time to eat, but I am going to beg Chris to make some nachos or something fast like chili dogs. Dinner was like 6 hours ago and usually I will be asleep and not thinking about food but I do not know if I will sleep tonight. Great, now the damn idiots are thinking about using the barbecue. Only the worst idea ever. Wind is blowing still, I saw a bat flying backwards and the trees are bending all over the place. Shit, the satellite dish might have moved. We lost the signal. I guess cigars make men brave too. The two big idiots just got a ladder and are up on the roof. Watch the lightning start again.

Okay, it is now twenty minutes later and the satellite is fixed and no one fell off of the roof, but Chris thought it would be fun to jump down. He did not break anything but he landed on his skinny ass. No one who is 60 should be doing stupid stuff like that, but he was challenged and the ground is soft. He also got a hundred dollar bill from his brother. I think if someone offers him a hundred, he will do most anything. I saw him eat a scotch pepper whole for a hundred bucks and then ended up in the ER because he got sick. But, he bragged to the doctor that he made a C-note. I swear, I am married to a teenager. The funniest thing was Andrew looking nervous. I think the old goats are going to make him run naked through the neighborhood or something. I could see those two doing it, hell I have seen them do it. Not something to see after dinner. But that was like twenty years ago at a lodge in Montana. They were standing outside our cabins, having a drink and a smoke, nothing on at 10 in the morning to see if anyone noticed but a ranger saw them and they both got some kind of fine. Okay, the wind is calming down and I think us married girls are going to scare the single ones out of ever getting married with tales of stupid things our men have done. That should take another 6 hours. OH MY GOD, they are watching porn on the deck. Katja went outside to see what was going on and she said they put the TV back on the brackets and are watching some Japanese porn. I told Chris to get rid of those care packages from Japan, but he never listens to me. Poor Andrew, they will ruin him before he can even propose. If I hear lay that pipe one more time I am going out there and shut down the boys club. Time to put the laptop away or use it on my late husband. This always happens when he and his brother get together. Sometime during the night, the stupid hormone starts.

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Oct 6 16 5:03 AM

I am up really early today. Already had breakfast and watched the girls go to school and work. It is windy and stuff, but nicer than the past few days. We were both up early because Paula and Bayley just boarded a plane for Montreal. Chris and Thiery decided last night that they should get out of Miami with Matthew coming at them. Thierry cannot, he is on call at the hospital and he has a cot and things set up in his office. Chris was giving him a long list of things to make sure of at the house and they had to take the dogs to a kennel in land a ways yesterday morning because they could not get paperwork to let them into Canada quick enough. I think it was to let them in our building. We had to do a bunch of stuff before we could get our dogs in there. Paula sounded really scared and worried about her new house, but like Chris says, insurance is a great thing.

I think I am going to sit here drinking coffee and waiting for their flight to land. I want to go up there and help her but flying out of here is not a great idea either. I just talked to my friend, Sam, and let her know to keep an eye out for Paula and the baby. Luckily, she did not have to bring much. We always keep some baby stuff like diapers, formula and a bunch of new clothes for Bayley up there and Paula keeps some cold weather stuff there just in case. We even have a stroller and a car seat for her. Oh shit, I better text her the alarm code and where we put the keys to the car up there. Okay, Chris said he sent her the passwords and stuff last night. He said he already talked to the building manager and called in an order from Provigo for food and stuff to be delivered today. Nice thing is that the manager will have his staff put the stuff away and all that so Paula can just relax and wait out the hurricane. Wow, he has been busy. We are flying up on Saturday morning to make sure everything is okay and because she is not supposed to be stressed out with her pregnant again and a little one with her. This is just not what the doctor ordered. I get to be all stressed now. Oh wow, I just looked down and saw that I ate a big Hershey bar while typing. They better lock up the food because I pig when I get nervous.

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Oct 6 16 5:43 PM

It doesn't appear that our friends in Vero Beach are going to fare so well from Hurricane Matthew as did the Miami area. Vero is in the cross hairs right now. My best friend, who lives on the barrier island in Vero, reluctantly left, but he went to his wife's sister's house in Sebastian. I'm really worried for them due to the storm surge being predicted. Sebastian is just a few miles north of Vero, but still on the coast. The other scary thing is that some of the models have Matthew making a U-turn and heading back towards Florida, after its first pass.

Wishing the best for Florida, Vero Beach, and Historic Dodgertown.

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#1224 [url]

Oct 8 16 10:21 PM

Sleep is not happening. The storm has finally kind of calmed down. The last two days we had some nasty thunder and lightning. Our satellite feed was for crap all day but it really pissed off Chris while he was trying to watch the UW. He was pretty happy that they beat up the Ducks. We were supposed to fly up to Montreal, but this bad weather made it a really bad idea. It is ok. Paula says she is comfy and her and Bayley went out for a long walk today and did some early XMas shopping. It is just us four tonight. Andrew was able to go back to his place, they got the plumbing fixed and Chris's brother got a hotel room because they said they could not get comfortable in the bed, it is a queen and Mikki is like four inches taller than Chris and his feet were hanging over the edge.

Right now, the girls and Chris are watching some Japanese cartoon and it smells like they made nachos. I might as well have some too. Dinner was leftovers because yesterday, Chris barbecued a bunch of steaks and he cut up the leftovers into a salad and made stroganoff, too. I could eat stroganoff every day. One nice thing is that Katja and Tatianna tried to make homemade chocolate ice cream and it was not too bad. I hope we can sleep in this morning. Yesterday morning, we were woke up by the loudest thunder ever. It set off our alarm and Katja says it made her fall out of bed. Going to be busy tomorrow, Chris wants to watch the Dodger game, the Ram game and I want to watch the wrestling. Plus the Strain is on tomorrow and Chris wants to fix a window in the garage that got a big crack in it. Wow, one of Chris's Japanese cartoons has the Yes song Roundabout in it. I may have to watch it because that is one of my favorite songs. Chris tries to play it on his pianos or keyboards or whatever he calls them but he says he cannot do it justice. I know he can sing it, more than a few times we have been driving and it comes on and he sings along with it. That is the only song he sings in the car with. Well, I am going to try a turkey sandwich and a glass of wine to see if that will put me to sleep.

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Oct 11 16 9:07 PM

Morning, you guys. I think I got insomnia. I cannot sleep for shit. I caught a 3 hour nap today and that helped. But, the weather is better. I can see stars and the wind is just a little breeze. It is really warm outside and we spent all day today cleaning up the pool and picking up the broken plants and pots. I think we scooped out about 20 lbs of dead insects out of the pool and the cover ended up on the beach, all tore up. Chris missed the Dodger game because he said cleaning up the mess was the top of his list. Our poor dock needs some work. Half of it was under water and one of the supports or piers I think got broken and that means getting the guy from St. Croix to come over and sink a new pier or something.

Oh yeah, Chris is sleeping like a baby. He watches his new favorite cartoon, then watched some of the ball game and called it a night at 11. Boring. I tried sleep but ended up playing The Sims, thank you Tatianna for getting me hooked on that game, for about a 90 minutes. Lets see, Archer is on, some scary stuff, some porn on Cinemax and some other porn on Showtime. Wow, lots of porn or scary movies. I guess it is Archer. Could be worse, it could be South Park. Show is so stupid. I think I will put my cold feet on Chris's back and see if he will make me a sandwich and some chips. First, look adorable, promise him some scrabble in an hour and then beg. That usually works. My night is figured out, see you guys later.

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Nov 1 16 6:29 AM

I am back! How are you guys doing? I have been away for a while. My sisters and I tried to get along for two weeks so we went to the new place on Barbados for some kind of hugs and kisses family thing. My one brother showed up for like two days before he got mad because Carmen made one too many gay jokes. My other brother is a mess and the next time any of us will see him will be his funeral. I am fine with it. He called me a money-grubbing spoiled brat and then he got mean. Not going to miss him at Thanksgiving. I guess it went okay. No one broke any furniture and Carmen stayed pretty sober and did not find some sixteen year old boy to molest. I do not know if we understand each other any better but I think we made some fixes in our relationship. Okay, enough of that bullcrap.

Got back home on Saturday and showed how much I missed Chris. Halloween was kind of messed up. It was raining and thunder, so Chris set up a canopy by the gate and we were Riff Raff and Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wanted to dress as Frank N Furter and have Chris dress as Rocky, but he was not going to shave his chest and wear a gold speedo all night long. I can rock the merry widow and I was ready to go. We did have a lot of kids come by even though it rained most of the night. Love all of the Pokemon we had. Got a lot of big kids too. But, we were giving away full size Snickers and Reese's Cups so that could be it too. We finally called it a night at about 9. Big plans for Thanksgiving. Everyone is coming to Montreal for Thanksgiving. Chris and I will be heading up there on the 12th to get everything ready and make sure we have enough food and drinks. The girls have the full week off and so does the boy. Thierry has to work the Monday before Thanksgiving, but he has the next week off and they will be up there too. I am really excited. All of us will be together for a week and I am going to have fun. Okay, time to work off the three Snickers I had last night.

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Nov 13 16 8:41 PM

Hi, everyone! Me and Chris are trying out the place in Barbados. It is my second time here, but Chris's first. He bought the place from an online ad because both Katja and I loved the look of it. It is kind of small but the ceilings are tall and it came furnished which is nice. It even has a plunge pool on the deck which is really nice. The place has a bigger pool just outside our gate, but if we want to skinny-dip, we can. Chris picked up a tv for each bedroom and one for the living room yesterday. We got the satellite hooked up last night and that was fun. The guy had to run the line down from the roof of this place which is six stories above us, we got a unit on the ground floor with our garage right outside. Tomorrow, we are going to return the rental because Chris is buying us a Pathfinder at the Nissan dealership. We looked at the other dealers here, but the guy selling the Beemers was a real ass and the other place was mostly Mitsubishis and they are ugly. We are just going to leave it here and hope Katja likes it when she comes here to live in the summer. Oh I didn't tell you, she got a job at a resort in restaurant management. She starts in June and she is really excited. I just cannot stop feeling worried about her being by herself. Her best friend at college wants to come here, but she is having no luck finding a job. Maybe Chris can find her something. He knew the manager at Republic Bank and maybe I will ask him to see if he can get Gillian a job. I know I can talk him into it and I bet he is worried too.

Watching my Seahawks win. I think I misplaced Chris. He is probably making friends with the neighbors. He has already made a friends with the people who live next door. We come back from breakfast and he says hi and the next thing I know he is watching football in their living room. Well, it is after midnight and I am really tired. We got a busy day tomorrow and then have to fly home on Tuesday. On Friday, we are flying up to Montreal to get ready for Thanksgiving and some power Black Friday shopping. I better make sure he has ordered the turkey and ham. I guess his ears are burning he just walked in and asked if I want a sandwich. Of course I do. Well, good night all of you.

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Nov 21 16 6:12 AM

Nice day here in Montreal. Snow is all over the place and it is plenty cold out. Got up early to go get some danish and coffee and like to fall on my backside. Herself nearly did, getting out of the ride. That will teach her to wear fashionable shoes. Kids start arriving later today, if the weather breaks like is being forecast. The girls come in this afternoon, the boy and Domi on Tuesday morning and Paula, the baby and Thierry on Tuesday evening. Herself is plenty excited. Instead of letting me call Jeff Fisher all kinds of names, she dragged me to Provigo to buy enough food to keep the Donner Party from cannibalism. Seeing as how we are doing Christmas here, also, I guess there is a method to her madness. I don't get the allure of a White Christmas, but what the Hell do I know?

Busy ass weekend, only got to watch the second half of the SC game, but Herself made sure we did our good deeds. Dropped off a truck full of turkeys at the church and she found where she could donate toys here, Montreal Children's Hospital. So, Saturday morning was spent at Toys R Us and then Herself dragged me to five other various toy stores including one that was loaded with Funkos. I might have to admit I had more fun than I let on during this toy shopping expedition. Anyway, karma is a good thing. Funniest picture was Herself walking up to the cash register at Toys R Us with two carts full of Barbies and stuffies while trying not to cry. She gets the same way when she sees the Salvation Army people out during the holidays. Like last year, she goes to the ATM, takes out as much as she can, then goes into the bank, writes a check for more and cries while putting it in the bucket, one day I will ask if she is crying over losing money and feeling bad or losing money and feeling good. Probably will be better to have Tatianna or Pointy ask her, less chance of her hitting me with her bag.

Had a nice danish and a hot drink, just waiting for Herself to get bundled up for an expedition to the West Island for some early Black Friday stuff. She heard there was a big sale starting at ten at the Bay and she wants to drive past old Jarry Park to hit Costco because we don't have enough croissants, toilet paper and bagel dogs. I know what she is thinking, if the weather is better, to make a road trip to Plattsburgh on the US side to Sam's Club. I do so love the idea of leaving a nice warm condo at 5am to drive to upstate New York. Probably will take out a bus on the Vermont side as I am crossing Lake Champlain. Just hope I don't run into one of my relatives over there because that would be just wonderful. It seems that they have a radar which tells them when I am within fifty miles and I will run into one or more of them. It is not like I don't like my relatives, but one needs to get in prime physical and mental states before spending even five minutes with each of them. Well, off we go, she is bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story, so we are off.

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#1229 [url]

Nov 22 16 6:22 AM

Getting braced to go to pick up the kids. Their flight arrives around noon and while it is has stopped snowing, it is a good day to keep the brass monkeys inside. Just watching the morning news and more than a few commuters are getting up close to mailboxes, guard rails and the odd other car on the slippery roads. Girls arrived just before 4pm and they both are soft. Started bitching about the cold, well who told you to dress like it is summer on St. Thomas? They are lucky the Brazilian had enough sense to bring each of them a pair of tights, a coat and some fuzzy boots. Just killing some time while waiting for them to get dressed because someone promised breakfast at a nice diner. At least dinner was enjoyable. All wanted to go to Chez Tousignant. Had the double chili-cheese and jalapeno dog and I know I was toxic after that. I would be happy to have the same on Thanksgiving.

Just got my morning laugh. Pointy comes out wearing three pairs of tights and asks if her legs look fat. Had to lie to her and tell her no, they look great. I suggested instead of trying to look fashionable in a skirt that doesn't cover much of anything, try a pair of pants. She looks downcast and tells me she cannot button any of her jeans because of the tights. Asked her if we need to make a run to the Bay for some pants that button? She says yes, if I am buying. Given the two fat tears she squeezed out, I am buying her clothes again. I am now waiting for the other tear machine to show up and tell me she needs sweaters and such. I honestly think that the number one job of the women in my life is to part me from my ill-gotten gains. Well, if they want to get in some power shopping on my dime, they best get to moving. Maybe I will get away cheap on breakfast - Tim Hortons sounds so much better than sitting down for Eggs Benedict or crepes. Probaby the best move would be make the move downstairs, get the ride warmed up and tell them the bus is leaving in ten minutes. It 's a risky move because none of them understands the concept of time. I could be sitting down there, playing a game on my phone for the next two hours.

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#1230 [url]

Nov 24 16 7:27 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Got a houseful of kids and the noise level is like LAX. Tomorrow is going to suck. The conspiracy to keep me from getting any sleep is on. All of them have agreed that I am the limo driver for their shoppin expedition starting tonight at 6pm. Eat dinner, clean up, take them to various malls for some early power shopping and then get them to the Bay at 6am for a full day of spending like a Hollywood wife. You would think I would get some backup from the other members of my gender, but both of them disappeared and left me to the wimmenfolk's disposal. I best get more than a couple Tim Horton's donuts for my trouble.

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Nov 25 16 7:18 AM

Hi, you guys! Happiest day of the year for me! We have been out shopping since 6. It is the best. Poor Chris, he had to take the car back home to unload it and we are waiting for him to come back so we can hit Reso. We already went wild at Place Ville Marie and the kids are talking about going to the Underground Mall after lunch. I am glad we brought the boys because they make great bag holders. They sure were grumbling this morning. They wanted to sleep, watch football, do other stupid stuff. It was kind of funny. Katja and Tatianna are so funny the way they have Chris wrapped around their fingers. They ran to Maska, this really expensive Italian clothes place and as soon as they saw the prices, they came and begged Chris to buy them stuff for Xmas. I have worn him down so that he will only complain for three or four minutes. I think he was a little mad when he came out, holding like four garment bags and four more bags. The girls were holding nothing and just giggling. Then they found the lingerie place and they both grabbed Chris and dragged him back. A half hour later, he looked like he wanted to bite a table. I was sitting in Starbucks when he found me and sat down. He just kept mumbling, "2,000 dollars Canadian" over and over again. I asked him what he was talking about and he said "one damn dress 2,000 dollars Canadian" The girls did buy him a coffee. He just said, "really, a coffee?" I am not even going to tell him what I spent on the baby. He will blow up.

I love my new iPhone. So much easier to type on and stuff. Paula just showed me this website where we can order shoes that is so much fun. Whilie I am waiting for Chris, Thierry and the boy to come back, I ordered me some boots and two pairs of footie pajamas with feet, all from Chris. Domi, Katja and Tatianna are back, they found the leather store. I guess they do have money, each of them is holding a garment bag and more bags. They said they found something cool for Chris and wanted to know if he would like a leather duster coat. I thought so, so they are leaving the stuff with me, Paula and the baby - she has been sleeping nearly the whole time - and they are going back. Paula wants to see if we can get to the Bay tomorrow. We went last night and it was packed and she could only find the cashmere sweaters before she got flustered. I told her to go online and just order the stuff and I just gave her Chris's Bay card to order. We will pick it up on Sunday and ship it to her. Even better, free shipping so Paula is hammering away on her tablet for cookware, sweaters, shoes, tights and stuff for Thierry. Baby is awake and I get to be grandma and feed her. Later you guys.

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#1232 [url]

Nov 27 16 9:24 AM

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We just got back from getting the Boy and Domi on their plane back home. Paula and Thierry and Bayley will be flying out this evening and the girls are flying out tomorrow. Yesterday was really fun after a slow start. Chris said we should put up a tree and then we remembered we did not have a tree, so we found a beautiful fake tree and a bunch of lights and ornaments and it took all day to decorate it. Now, we have this big tree with tons of gifts under it. So, we wanted a big family photograph in front of it and that meant we had to go get a nice camera and stuff. It took like six tries to get a good picture. I am getting that picture made into a card and sending it to everyone for Xmas. I kind of felt sorry for Thierry, we put the guys in the back and here he is, this shorter guy surrounded by giants. Chris fixed it by having couples together and having the girls in front, sitting, holding the baby. It worked out so good. The best part it was an ugly sweater picture that worked. Chris had to wear that stupid Crunchyroll sweater that hurts my eyes.

We got all of our shopping done and I have a lot of stuff to be mailed out tomorrow. At least it is not snowing and Chris only blew up a couple times when he went over the receipts. We are going to stick around for another week to make sure we have everything set up for the week before Xmas when everyone should be arriving and to make sure we have not forgot any gifts. Yay, breakfast is up, finally. Chris and Paula made homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. Nice and sticky. Time to eat and then watch some football.

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#1233 [url]

Dec 4 16 8:21 AM

Yay, you guys are back. I hate to say it but I missed you guys for the last week. It is trying to snow outside and is supposed to snow all week. We were supposed to be back home, but I am having so much fun with a real winter that I begged Chris to stay here until after XMas. He is having fun even though he acts all grumpy. Like last week when we went to Quebec City and did some shopping and stuff. On Thursday, we went to Vermont to drop off XMas gifts to all of Chris's relatives. We had to spend a night in Burlington because he was playing phone tag with some of his cousins. The place is all decorated and stuff, but Chris scared the poop out of me because he was stringing lights on the balcony and he wanted to climb on the railing to hang lights up high but I yelled at him to not do it, we are 34 floors up and he is not dying yet. He gave me this evil grin and did it anyway. I did not notice he had a rope tied to his ass so if he fell he was not going anywhere. Stupid idiot.

Right now, he is outside on the balcony, smoking some ribs for today. It is cold and he is out there in a sweater and jeans. I went out this morning for Mass and I had to put on two pairs of tights and my furriest boots just to walk from the car to church. I did look like a snow princess and I can rock that look. I am working on my third peppermint hot cocoa and even with a fire going, I am still trying to get warmer. I think that is why Chris is outside, he said I keep the place like a furnace. Even with the cold, I am loving it here. It is so pretty with the snow on everything and the lights and stuff. Montreal is just a beautiful city and it is even prettier during XMas. I keep on kicking myself for not getting a place here years ago. My sisters can say they hate it, but I do not care. This is home and Chris was saying that he is getting close to just living here and selling the place on St. Thomas once Katja graduates. I am hoping he does. Tatianna is making noises about coming back to Montreal and with Katja looking at a job in Barbados, but she says she has a suprise for us on XMas, we really do not need a house that big on St. Thomas. I am sure Chris will get more than he paid for that house and we have plenty of room here for Tatianna. She just might have a long distance deal with her boyfriend. I have to ask Katja how that is going because Tatianna is not going to tell me. We already have the dogs and cats here and except for Chris's musical instruments, there is not much there I need to get except for some clothes and stuff. Chris even has a plan for his sailboat. He wants to sail it up the coast and dock it here. I do not know how long it would take but it sounds like a vacation type thing. OK, I have to go, Chris wants to go to a late brunch with some of our friends so time to freeze my butt off again.

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#1234 [url]

Dec 7 16 8:01 AM

Good morning everyone! We just got off of the plane at LaGuardia. Chris promised me a shopping trip to NY and we are doing it today. Much nicer here than in Montreal where it was starting to snow this morning. Just waiting for Chris to show up with the rental so I can get some shopping done. He has a list, too. Katja wants some skirts and a new tweed jacket and Tatianna asked for a new watch and some earrings. His list looked pretty big when I sneaked a peak, but his handwriting is so small, I could not get a good look at it. Last night, we got a gift for our best friends, Sam and Brogdan. We got them one of those Nescafe machines with all of the bells and whistles. It looked pretty sweet and if they like it, we might get one. Yay, I see Chris getting out of an SUV, he read my mind and got a big car. Time to get in some shopping and stuff. Let's see, I got eight hours of shopping to get in before we have to be back at the airport.

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#1235 [url]

Dec 7 16 8:10 PM

Okay, we are home. It is strange, it is warmer now than it was this morning, I do not get it. Chris is all kinds of mad or grumpy, I cannot tell. Some guy named Freedman would be getting an earful if he was near by. I do not care, I had fun, spent a whole bunch of money and now I get to wrap up a bunch of presents. If Chris apologizes for being a poop, I will wrap his gifts that he bought. I saw most of the stuff and I wish I knew how he can find the best colors and styles for the girls. I buy them stuff and they say it is old woman clothes, he buys them stuff and they love it. They better be nice to me this year or they are getting twigs and gravel next XMas. Mr. Grumpy is back with dinner. He picked up some burgers from the diner over by the college. His mood is not much better. Maybe I should go with some sexy pj's instead of the flannel stuff I have been wearing for the last month.

Checking messages and Katja left a funny message, she and Tatianna were trying to tell an old time joke that Chris said was "Who's on First" and they really messed it up. I will call them and see what they are doing tonight. I also got to call the boy and Domi and send a long e-mail to Paula, I know she is asleep. Oh good, Chris took care of the dogs and cat. Box is clean, pee pads are picked up and fresh water and kibble iall around. Yay, TV trays and Property Brothers. I think I got him hooked on this show and Fixer Uppers. I caught him watching them a couple times. Time to go, wrap some gifts, watch some tv and eat a mushroom and swiss burger with onion rings. He even got me a peanut butter shake. Might even get some sleep before 2 in the morning.

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#1236 [url]

Dec 18 16 6:26 AM

Good morning, you guys. It is snowing pretty hard here and that is okay because tomorrow it is supposed to clear up and go back to being really damn cold. The girls got here last night and Tatianna brought a guest, Andrew. I hate surprise guests. I have to go out and get him something or two for XMas. Sleeping arrangements were funny, last night. Andrew was following the girls to their room and Chris cleared his throat and told the young man we have an extra bedroom next to ours that will be perfect for him. I did not know if he thought he would share a room with the girls or what, but that does not happpen here. Tatianna suggested that Katja sleep in that bedroom and Chris asked and this was funny, "Does Andrew intend to make you an honest woman?" Right at that time, I am taking a drink and it went all over the wall. Who talks like that? He said something about he thought it would be okay and Chris put his arm on his shoulder and had a quiet chat with him. He seemed to be okay with sleeping by himself after that.

Right now, it is just me and Katja having cocoa and watching the snow pile up outside. I kind of want to get to The Bay and see if I can find a nice gift or two for Andrew, but Chris is still sleeping and I need to get some sizes from Tatianna who is also still sleeping. I also need a driver and that would be either Tatianna or Chris. Somebody better wake them up because we got Mass in another hour and a half, too. It is not going to be me, I kind of like the idea of missing Mass today. Got a text from Paula, their flight leaves Miami tomorrow morning at 10. I told her to dress like for frostbite weather. The boy and Domi are supposed to be here on Wednesday. Worked out great for Miki, his house is still in renovation land and he is using our place on St. Thomas for his family who are coming in from Seatlle and Massachusetts. Chris calls it the renovation from Hell. New roof, adding two bedrooms, a bathroom and blowing up their kitchen. The bad part is that they live on top of a hill and the road to their place is really shitty.

Let's see, what else is going on. Oh yeah, Chris had to dress up as Santa Claus again. This place has a XMas party for the kids in the building and the manager leaned on Chris to do the deed. Skinniest Santa ever. No kids peed on him, but about six screamed their heads off. At the end of the night, Chris said he liked to kill about four of the little vipers. One of the kids, a red headed brat, tried to pull Chris's beard and Chris gave the kid a not happy look. Little brat then started screaming. I thought Chris was going to turn the kid over and give him something to cry about. He just handed the kid back to his mother and started couting to ten. The food was pretty good. They had tons of great XMas cookies and things called zombies that are really really good. Okay, the young man says he needs to get in some shopping and wants to know what would fix things wtih the "big guy". I guess that means tapping Chris on his forehead and telling him we are all playing in the snow. Maybe I will send Katja in there, she seems pretty brave today.

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Dec 18 16 1:47 PM

At least in Montreal you know what kind of weather to expect. It was 79 degrees F here in Texas yesterday at this time. Now it's 37 with an expected low tonight of 29. We were the not so willing recipients of what my Dad used to call a "blue norther". My wife caught me on Zillow this morning looking at houses in Vero Beach, FL, and rhetorically asking why we ever left.

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Dec 18 16 1:48 PM

Not snowing anymore, but it is now getting colder. Drove all over trying to find gifts for Andrew. After about three hours of window shopping, Tatianna remembers that her young man needs a suit, all he has is sweaters or vests. She had to call the only family member she has met in his family for a guess on his size. I went all out with a nice Armani with all of the stuff like shirt, tie, cuff links and Tatianna knew his shoe size. While we were there, I figured every young man could use a nice watch, so I got him one of those. But, I find out that while he was with Chris and Katja doing his shopping that Chris bought him a watch and a new iPhone, the poor guy has a 5. Found out all kinds of stuff from Tatianna about her young man. He does not spend money at all. His parents have money but because he wanted to be a teacher instead of going into the family business working for the goverment in England, he is not talking to them much. She thinks that is the reason he has not put a ring on her finger because teachers on St. Thomas do not make a lot of money. He is trying to get a teaching position in the US but he cannot get an interview where he would like to teach. Tatianna asked me if Papa knew someone who could get Andrew a job in the US. I just wonder why she did not talk to her sister, she is a teacher in Walnut Creek and she might know who to talk to. Maybe he does not like California. Time to ask some questions and get this moving. Paula and Thierry wil never get married, the Boy and Domi are not getting closer to marriage either and Katja likes having her own way, so the only way I am putting on a wedding is finding this young man a job in the US.

Never tell Katja a secret. Found out that Chris covered what Andrew spent today. The kid was adding up his credit card balances and seeing what he could do and Chris told him to keep his money and make Tatianna an honest women. Again with that line. What the hell does it mean? I guess he told Chris what he is trying to do and that he would love to propose but even a cheap ring would eat up most of his savings. I am hoping that Chris knows someone so her young man can get some money and I can get to throw a wedding. I am betting that Chris gave him one of his you are almost family speech and money I got so let me buy the ring so on, so forth. Chris may say he is not, but I think he is a romantic and wants his girls happy. Even a blind man can see that Tatianna is in love with her young man and when she talks about him, she gets all starry eyed and gushes. It would be so cool if Andrew proposed on XMas day. I am crossing my fingers.

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Dec 18 16 1:58 PM

WildHare wrote:
At least in Montreal you know what kind of weather to expect. It was 79 degrees F here in Texas yesterday at this time. Now it's 37 with an expected low tonight of 29. We were the not so willing recipients of what my Dad used to call a "blue norther". My wife caught me on Zillow this morning looking at houses in Vero Beach, FL, and rhetorically asking why we ever left.
I know, but when it goes to one number or minus numbers, I cannot wear enough to stay warm.   I was wearing so many pairs of tights today that I was walking bowlegged.   I looked hilarious this morning.   I had a knit cap, three scarves, a parka, two sweaters, three pairs of tights, my lined LLBean jeans, two pairs of socks, my thermal underwear and my furriest boots, a ski mask and gloves and I still froze.   I am just not a girl who can do the cold weather.   It was never this cold in Seattle and I am going to need to work on getting used to frozen temperatures.    Even Chris was dressed in layers and he says he loves the cold, just not snow.   I really want to stay here year round but I gotta work on the cold, walking on ice and not falling on my butt all of the time.  

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Dec 21 16 8:50 AM

What luck, a relatively warm day in Montreal. It is 35/36 and some clouds but not like the fours and fives we have been having. Got a baby helping me with my typing. She is getting big and makes all kinds of noises. I think she will be a chatterbox when she learns to talk. Might have to hand her off to her mom, something smells. Okay, mom is off changing the baby. Kid has some industrial grade poop. Don't know what they are feeding her, but it is pungent after processing. Killing time before we head to the airport to pick up the Boy and Domi. They are supposed to be here around five. Tree is dwarfed by the haul of gifts. I got the young men for the afternoon. Tatianna's intended wants to check out some high end places for a special gift for her and Thierry is talking about a bistro I have never tried that is supposed to be very good. Rented Tatianna an SUV because she is only one who knows their way around this town. Seems that they still have some shopping to do. With that, I am off. Lunch is in the offing and I may be buying a young lady a ring because I can. Or so Herself told me.

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