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#381 [url]

Apr 2 16 7:55 PM

The offense has just looked pretty bad against a weak Angels team that isn't going anywhere this year. I agree that I would rather have injuries early than late though. AZ losing Pollock for what looks like the year is devastating to that team.

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#383 [url]

Apr 2 16 11:36 PM

Doppel Von Guggenheim wrote:
ERA is an imperfect stat, but Kazmir had the 16th best ERA in all of MLB last year. He may not be a 2, but 4 is pretty harsh.

Agreed.  Kazmir is a damn good pitcher and if he's anything like he's been over the past few years, he'll be a #2 for most of the year.  The only thing that does concern me with Kazmir, however, is he does tend to pitch like a #4 by around July/August, but hopefully he can reverse that trend.

#385 [url]

Apr 3 16 7:32 AM

Doppel Von Guggenheim wrote: Who had Culbertson in the roster pool?! Crazy!

Certainly helped by both Howie and Guerrero on the DL. I'm hoping that Barnes sticks when both Howie and Grandal are back over Thompsaon and Culberson.

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#386 [url]

Apr 3 16 8:14 AM

Throwdeuce wrote:
I'm not concerned that much with the everyday players and that depth, but the pitching, has a bunch of number 4 and 5's outside of Kershaw and maybe Maeda. And the pen isn't looking as good as I hoped, Hatcher looks as bad as he did before August, Howell looks like he should retire and Garcia and Baez are inconsistent. Hopefully they can all be better in regular season, because they will be used al it as starters will be lucky to get to the 6th inning most games.

 I am cautiously optimistic about the staff. Kershaw is the most dominant starter in the game, Kazmir and Maeda look more like mid-rotation than back end rotation starters to me. Wood's velocity is improved and I think he can be a serviceable No. 4 starter. Stripling is a bit of a wild card, but he showed some promise in Spring training.

The pen is definitely an issue for me, especially Hatcher and Garcia, but the pen was shaky last year, too, and they still won the NL West.

The big issue for the Dodgers is getting guys like Kendrick and Grandal back from injury to help the offense. The offense looked really bad against the Angels. Again, I hope Roberts is paying attention to batting splits and will utilize platoons to try and optimize the lineup and keep players somewhat rested because guys like Kendrick, Utley, AGon, Turner and Grandal will need regular rest during the season to prevent breakdowns.

I hope guys like Kike, Barnes and SVS play bigger roles this season.

Also, another thought, if Cody Bellinger is lighting up the minors again this year, maybe they could promote him at some point this year to infuse the offense. He can reportedly play all the OF positions and if his bat (and power) continues to develop, then he may be someone to keep in mind down the road.

#388 [url]

Apr 3 16 11:01 AM

Doppel Von Guggenheim wrote:
ERA is an imperfect stat, but Kazmir had the 16th best ERA in all of MLB last year. He may not be a 2, but 4 is pretty harsh.

Kazmir is a 3.50 ERA, 3.60 FIP, 1.22 WHIP pitcher over the past THREE seasons.  He's also been on average a 2.7 WAR pitcher since 2013.  That is decidedly NOT a #4.

In my view, LA has an ace of an era in Kershaw and three #2 or #3 types in Kazmir, Maeda and Wood.  The rotation as it stands is a strength, not a weakness.


#389 [url]

Apr 3 16 11:02 AM

Well, gang, the Dodgers Spring Training Season is over, so it's time to close this year's Spendodger Memorial. Thanks for participating. I'll fire up the season thread and we'll start counting these for realsies.

I leave you with the last 2016 Dodgers Spring Training Pic of the Day:

Go get 'em, Sunshine!


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