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San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Game #126 - Matt Moore vs. Ross Stripling - 8-22-16

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Aug 25 16 5:36 PM

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Let's do it.

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Aug 25 16 6:32 PM

Crawford always seems to cause the Dodgers problems...

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Aug 25 16 6:38 PM

ItTakesFaith wrote:
grabarkewitz wrote:
Non-productive outs....sing it with me.

Can't let "Panik at the Disco" hurt us...
I figured Roberts would have Stripling bounce two in the dirt and the finish the pass, but why waste the bullets.   Just walk the fool and get to facing the pitcher.  

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Aug 25 16 7:04 PM

Noticed this the few times I have seen Pence swing, he cannot catch up to even a mediocre fastball above the belt. Even Stripling's upper eighties fastball tied him up. I am wondering if the shoulder and arm injuries are taking some quickness from his bat.

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