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#21 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:19 PM

Help him score you Bums

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#26 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:26 PM

grabarkewitz wrote:
Keep on hitting bombs, AGon, build that value to record levels when we trade you

Highly doubt that ever happens since he's a Kasten/Roberts pet. It was Kasten who was responsible for the Punto trade w/Boston.

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#27 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:28 PM

ItTakesFaith wrote:
Steiner must be drinking again... Had a real nice HR call on Seager...until (after the fact) he realized it was a double... LOL!

I thought it was going out but I'm blind and watch internet streams w/no HD. 

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#29 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:33 PM

I thought Seager's was hit better than AGon's even with HD. Vin's vision is still really good. He had 'em both figured out. The man is just awesome and how, in the grand scheme of things, the Dodgers could make his last season his seventh World Championship call.

Actually, I had no clue AGon got enough of that until Vin said that it should have enough.  Of course, I thought Gibson epic shot was a routine fly to right.

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#30 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:37 PM

So glad Howie got the call in this game. 

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#33 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:38 PM

bcmaiden wrote:
BMac pitched 4 inning rehab game giving up 10 runs 3 HR a million hits. He and Anderson can go away into the night and stay away. 
If not You, Me, and Dupree how about Anderson, McCarthy, and Dupree.  Steal Away Into the Night.

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#40 [url]

Sep 5 16 5:47 PM

Seager IS a STUDMUFFIN! Triple short of the cycle. 6-0.

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