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Sep 6 16 5:16 PM

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Dodgers Lineup

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Sep 6 16 6:22 PM

Strip hangs a cookie to Pollock on 3-2 after he had him down 0-2. Too many pitches, 23, pitching from behind, full counts, having to groove 'em. 1-0

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Sep 6 16 7:03 PM

Stud Muffin 2-2 leadoff hit. Ho Hum...

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Sep 6 16 7:25 PM

ocmike24 wrote:
Nice trade, Dave.

One of my favorite quotes from Dum Dum at the time of the trade was something similar to to Shelby having been traded for Hayward just the year earlier and therefore Shelby had roughly the trade value of the 180MM that Hayward had just signed.  Problem with that logic was that the Braves were trading away 1 year of Hayward for 4 years of control of Miller.  

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Sep 7 16 3:04 AM

Nice win with five early runs and outstanding work from the pen.

With a lefty going Wednesday night for Az, look for the Kike', Culberson, Ruiz lineup. AGon is 0 for 11 against Ray, so it might be a good time to give Segedin a start at first base.

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Sep 7 16 7:46 AM

Got into the place just as Kenley struck out the Goldschmidt. Freakin' Uber driver took nearly forever to show up at the airport and then after we asked for an SUV, he shows up with a mid size. Love riding around Montreal with bags on my lap and shoulders. I know we should be PC to all types, but this guy could've used a shower and a case of Axe. Wow, smelled like a herd of goats playing in manure. Or that could've been the car. Anyway. paid him to go away at a restaurant and called a limo service for the rest of the way. Problem is, most limo services are booked solid at midnight.

Anyway, enough about my fun evening. Good to see the Blue getting some good starts but pulling Stripling after 66 pitches is another complaint I have with Roberts. Geez, give the pen a rest, already.

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Sep 7 16 3:51 PM

Roberts said Stripling's velocity had dipped, explaining the quick hook. September deep bullpen might have influenced it, as well. Worked out well, so can't complain.

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