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Oct 13 16 10:47 AM

WildHare wrote:
Hill chosen over Urias for the Game 5 start. Assuredly, he'll be on a short leash, because it's an "all hands on deck" kind of game.

Been reading what underdogs the Dodgers are tonight pitted against the Nationals' ace. Scherzer, in his last three games, has an ERA of 5.82. Not saying he isn't a great pitcher, but he's been in a small sample size rut, although he managed to win nine in a row before the Dodgers knocked him off, ending his personal win streak in Game 1.
I think we're in good shape heading into this game.  The entire pitching staff (save Clayton and Maeda) is at the ready, and Scherzer has already proven to be hittable for our boys.  Hill just threw off this very mound 4 days ago.  I like our odds.  I think if our offense puts up 4 runs, we've got this game.