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Oct 18 16 8:14 AM

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With putrid Yuku liable to go down again at any moment I figure I had better rush to get this up while I can.

The split in Chicago has given the Dodgers the home field advantage as the next three will be played in the friendly confines of Dodgers Stadium.  Hopefully tonight we will see the return of the almost unhittable version of Rich Hill that was seen most of this season (when he wasn't nursing his bwisters or some other ailments). Also hopefully we won't see the version of Arrieta who pitched a no hitter against us last year.  At least he is a righty so there's that...

GO BLUE (Dodger Blue, that is)!!
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Oct 18 16 8:47 AM

This is a game that could tilt the series massively in the Dodgers favor because Chicago, while having incredible talent, are a bit fragile. They haven't been behind yet and I could see it really messing with their psyche. This is why the FO supposedly got Hill when there were better guys out there. Hill has been at times unhittable and then completely putrid. It's nerve-wracking because we are left with some really basic parts after CK. We just can't get into a bullpen game here. Good players will themselves to perform Hill needs to answer the bell. Frankly, a few guys need to answer the bell tonight. This isn't hockey where you can ride a hot goaltender to a Cup like the Kings did. You need more than just 2-3 hitters and 2 pitchers.

I just have a feeling that we are going to get to Arrieta tonight. The entire world is rooting for the stupid Cubs only because they have a history of being nothing. I hate that.

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Oct 18 16 12:48 PM

I had Arrieta on my fantasy team, and to be honest, he was not very good the last couple of months. He had a couple of good starts, but mixed in some mediocre and really bad ones, as well.

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Oct 18 16 2:18 PM

C Utley 2B
C Seager SS
J Turner 3B
A Gonzalez 1B
J Reddick RF
J Pederson CF
Y Grandal C
A Toles LF
R Hill P

D Fowler CF
K Bryant 3B
B Zobrist LF
A Rizzo 1B
J Baez 2B
J Soler RF
A Russell SS
M Montero C
J Arrieta P

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Oct 18 16 4:47 PM

Hill was lucky to get out of that inning.

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Oct 18 16 4:48 PM

hagdag26 wrote:
It's clear Hill is not on tonight, and also abundantly clear Buck is on my nerves early and often.

Right. The only thing that makes it minimally bearable to listen to him is that we're not playing the Cardinals so his bias doesn't make it even worse.

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Oct 18 16 4:58 PM

I am trying to be laid back; who knew that was even possible? Yesterday, we just got our third Airedale Terrier, over the last 20+ years, all one at a time. She is three years old, and our third rescue, and her name is KoKo. Just renamed her KoKo Koufax, and I'm hoping she is a good postseason and beyond omen. KoKo Koufax is like the reincarnation of our last Airedale, Sandy. (You can probably figure out the origin of that name, too.)

She is not skitzy, but I don't want to upset her and have been admonished by the wife, about my usual Dodger game antics. Would probably be good if I carried that over to the game thread. However, she can't read what I type, so no promises there.

She just came over and nudged my elbow, as if to say the third inning is started and "pay attention."

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Oct 18 16 4:59 PM

Interesting how Grandal sees his role. He was quoted as saying he has three jobs, catching, getting walks and hitting homers.

An occasional single with a runner in scoring position would be helpful too, Yaz.

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#17 [url]

Oct 18 16 5:05 PM

Evening, all!

I was hoping for at least 3 scoreless innings from Hill. Just got the minimum. 55 pitches, and already two ABs for Bryant and Rizzo (who's bound to come out of this slump with a bang)? Take it.

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#20 [url]

Oct 18 16 5:08 PM

Dang, Toles had it stolen! Smoltz is right.

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