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Oct 18 16 7:45 PM

grabarkewitz wrote:
UCSB07 wrote:
These after game shows are all about the cubs and mouth pieces being confused that they haven't swept there series yet.

Yeah, I am watching the MLB and they are acting all shocked that the Dodger pitching is this good.    Maddon answering the press.    C'mon, Joe, your team has an issue with lefties, Bum pretty much shut you down with mediocre stuff, Moore had you guys shutdown before Bochy got stupid and both Kershaw and Hill pretty much blew your team away, figure much the same with Urias.  

The FS1 shows are atrocious, Pete Rose needs to be jettisoned to the moon. At one time I thought they would let him back into MLB, I no longer think that. They need to push him further away

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Oct 18 16 7:57 PM

I had so little confidence that the Dodgers had any chance to be in the World Series that I scheduled a trip to Italy for next week. If they manage to get two more wins my penance will be needing to wake up every night at 2AM Italy time to watch the games. I'm sure my wife would really love that idea...

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Oct 18 16 8:15 PM

For those who missed it, there was an interesting interview of Kenley on the post game show. ARod told him his cutter reminded him of Mariano's and asked Kenley if he'd rather face left handed hitters or righties. Kenley said he'd rather face lefties and likes when managers put up lefties to pinch hit against him. He said he feels that makes his job easier when they do that.

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