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Oct 18 16 5:51 PM

WildHare wrote:
grabarkewitz wrote:
Drive by post - YASMANI-BOMB. Just scared the wimmenfolk again.
Even though KoKo Koufax is pretty laid back compared to our last Airedale, she got a bit concerned on Yas' blast.  

I've had the 4-month and 7-month old grandkids over for several of the games.  Those electric moments... we get that bottom lip shaking a bit!

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#46 [url]

Oct 18 16 6:00 PM

The playoffs - when the team has a good 'pen - are so interesting. I mean, here's Hill with a 2-hit shutout working in the 6th, and if he gets another runner on, I'm almost positive Doc will lift him.

2 out!

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