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Oct 22 16 6:50 PM

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The outcome of this final Dodgers playoff  game was not in doubt remarkably early tonight so I had plenty of time to write this.

Yogi said it best.  “It’s like déjà vu all over again”. 

For the 28th consecutive year it is “wait till next year”.  

The 28th consecutive year without even reaching the World Series, much less winning it.  

Once again it is time to close the season thread and start the ever exciting offseason thread prematurely in the middle of October. Wow, how exciting! 

I’m pissed and totally disgusted. 

Yes, there are reasons to be hopeful for the future but in my book this season is another dismal failure. 

Andrew Friedman took over a team that won 92 games in 2013.  In three years since it has won 94 then 92 and now 91.  He took over a team that had won the NLDS, won a total of 5 playoff games including two in the NL Championship Series in Ned’s last season.  Since Friedman’s reign began the Dodgers won only one playoff game in 2014, won 2 playoff games in 2015 and now finally again won 5 playoff games this year.  In this third year under Friedman the Dodgers have finally gotten just as far as the team Friedman was handed.  

World Series?  World Series? (Apologies to Jim Mora). 

I know they successfully achieved their annual status as a filler piece for the playoff bracket.  I know there were countless injuries.  I know there were a zillion roster changes, a zillion pitching changes BLAH BLAH BLAH.  I also know the Dodgers had the biggest budget in MLB and the front office got to choose the players, coaches, manager, medical staff, scouts, a world’s record number of ex-GM’s, everything.  The buck stops in the front office as it should.  I can’t tell you what moves I would have made that would have been more successful but that’s not my job.  I didn’t hire the scouts nor everyone else.  I don’t see the scouting reports.  I don’t get paid a fortune to do this as my full time job.  They do, they have not succeeded, and they should be judged accordingly. 

In the era of the Yankees dominance George Steinbrenner used to apologize to the fans whenever the Yankees failed to win the World Series.  In years that the Yankees were eliminated in the ALDS Torre would say he hated the five game series because anything could happen in such a short series.  Even Torre never used that excuse when they lost in a best of seven round.  The other day Kasten said he wanted to win divisions and get into the playoffs but playoffs are dicey.  BULLSHIT.  What does he want, a best of nine?  How about a best of 11?  How long does the series have to be before we know which was the better team?  Guess what, a seven game series was more than enough to make that crystal clear.  Lame fucking excuse.  The much better team won. 

As I’ve said last year, as this season began and several other times, I grade purely on results.  I would have been delighted to give the front office an A+ for finally getting this team a championship or an A for even reaching the Series.  I give them a solid F for extending failure and futility instead. As for how well they have set us up for the future?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  The Dodgers failed again and the F grade is well deserved.  I just hope I live long enough to see them finally succeed and win a World Series.

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